Weights, BMIs & Measurements

186 cm / 6'1"

44.0 kg / 97.0 lb / BMI 12.7

Low Weight: 
41.3 kg / 91 lb / BMI 11.9

Set Weight:
 60-65 kg / 132-143 lb / BMI 17.3-18.8

High Weight:
75 kg / 165 lb / BMI 21.7

(measured 12th April 2016)
Bust: 28"
Waist: 22"
Hips: 30.5
Neck: 11"
Thigh: 14.5" & 10" (top & bottom)
Calf: 10" & 7.5" (top & bottom)
Upper arm: 8" & 7" (shoulder & elbow)
Forearm: 7.5" & 5" (elbow & wrist)

Pre-Anorexia (Natural Weight) Measurements
Bust: 38"
Waist: 32"
Hips: 36"


  1. Disgusting. Just disgusting.

    1. Fuck off you complete and utter inconsiderate person.

  2. It's so sad that you're an inspiration and I want to look like you and be as skinny as you. And that anon who said 'disgusting' is just one of those people who has never had/has an eating disorder and will never ever understand one until they have one.

    1. I am in recovery right now and I can honestly say, I look at my old pictures and think: Oh my god. What were you doing.
      Right now I am starting to be happy with myself. I fall down every fucking single day when it comes to eating but then I stand back up again, pat myself on the back and say "Hey, you are beautiful your special your unique. Dont let this control your life. You only have one so start living before its too late."
      I sit down. Eat my meal. And LIVE
      If you think this is an inspiration I feel sad for you.
      I hope you will all have the strength one day to recover from this horrible disorder and be comfortable with who you are. Look for new role models, not ones that are sick.
      take care

  3. It doesnt seem to me you even want to get better. You just are still living in you ED sick world. Dont lie about recovery if you arnt actually recovering. You look so skinny and too too skeletal its just too extreme. If you know you need to gain weight just eat more and gain weight lah. Dont pretend to say you want to get well. if you want to get well you will already be increasing your calorie intake and gaining weight.

  4. First of all.

    You are completely ignorant commenting on things you clearly know nothing of, you should maybe research anorexia before posting such derogatory and disturbing comments. It is easier said than done to just increase calorie intake and if you had an ounce of consideration and empathy for how others feel perhaps you would appreciate that fact.

    Bella pay no attention to such trolls.

    You are beautiful and you are loved dearest bella x

  5. Bella,
    I've recently added your blog to my reading list. You are beautiful, not to mention strong and courageous to share this aspect about your life with people over the internet - which opens you to criticism from trolls.
    What you trolls don't realize is that this is an addiction that has more to do about control than it does wanting to look a certain way. I have been suffering an eating disorder for 14 years, and have observed that during stressful points in my life, I always turn back to ana. I've been trying to keep it a secret, and using it as a way to cope with a relationship with an insensitive man - that has been known to say about anorexics "why don't they just eat!?"
    Lack of support for my disorder has made me turn to the internet, and reading blogs from people like you, Bella, have helped me remember I am not alone. I thank you, and pray we both recover soon.