Thursday, 31 May 2012

Intake 31st May

41 calorie omelette, 20 calorie fruit salad
Breakfast - Frozen Strawberry Yoghurt, Oolong tea (30)
Lunch - Egg white, parsley & tomato sauce omelette, strawberries & watermelon (61)
Dinner - 9 Nachos, fat-free chocolate snack pack (184+80)
Other - Black coffee x4 (13), Meringues x3 (45), hot chocolate (25)

I treated myself a little with the nachos, but they're my kryptonite - especially with the chocolate craving afterwards. I thought I did well with a fat-free chocolate pudding, though :) I've posted the recipe for 15 calorie meringues (they're a decent size, too!), so go check it out :-) I feel a bit icky after such a big dinner, but oh well.

Intake: 438 cal
Burned running: 216
Burned doing housework: 231
Burned joining mum on her walk: 26
Total burn: 473
Net intake: -35 cal

Not my best day for net intake, but it was a rest day afterall ;-)


Meringue for afternoon tea :)

How to cut calories in everyday baking

This isn't so much a recipe, but more a tip to apply with any recipe. Queenie asked me if I had any low-calorie cake recipes, and while I don't, I do have experience testing to see what's the best balance between fat content and final product.

First of all, never cut all the fat from a cake! It's crucial to have some fat content to produce a proper texture. I'm going to fill you all in on my favourite ways to cut calories in cakes, and baking in general. Keep at least an egg yolk or a little oil in there - I prefer to use a low-fat margarine, with fat-free milk, fat-free egg replacer, and low-calorie sweetener.

  • Skim Milk

This is an obvious one. Just replace equal amounts full-fat milk with skim milk, and you'll cut calories.
  • Low-Fat Margarine Spreads
The lowest calorie one that I've been able to find is Weight Watcher's Canola Spread, which has 300 less calories per 125g than butter. I use this in my baking all the time, and have had no issues. I've tried using Applesauce, but it tends to give cakes a gummy, unpleasant, chewy texture.
  • Artificial/Low Calorie Sweetener
Again, an obvious one. Cutting a cup of sugar in favor of Splenda saves 700 calories!
  • Vegan Egg Replacer
For some reason, I have much better results with this than with egg whites. I use Orgran No Egg. One teaspoon is equal to one egg, but only 9 calories. In a two-egg recipe, this cuts 130 calories.
  • Diet Soda
This is not a method I'd recommend, but it works in a pinch. Get a box of cake mix (low-sugar is best, for lower calories) and mix it up with a can of diet soda. These tend to turn out with the same unpleasant texture as using applesauce, but not everyone minds.
  • Cake Flour
This doesn't cut calories, but it's just a handy tip. Especially when you're cutting fat from a cake, Cake Flour will produce a more tender cake, as it has a different protein content. It's worth getting if you can find it, or you can find recipes for making your own (like self-raising flour).

I hope that these help you guys with your baking endeavors!

Happy Eating!


Low Calorie Recipes!

15 calorie Meringues
Hey guys!

3 calorie Whipped Jello (15 with
whipped cream)
I've decided to start posting some low-calorie recipes. Over the years I've come across that are too good not to share, but I've had no one to share them with until now. So head over to my Recipes Page (or click any of the links under the images) and check them out! I'll be posting recipes for meal dishes, desserts, baked goods - all Anorexic-Friendly ;) I doubt I'll have any recipes over 200 calories a serve posted (and that's a very generous guess), so go check them out if you're looking for new recipes to try.

Happy cooking!

30 calorie Smoothie

30 calorie Frozen Berry Yoghurt

Recipe: Sugar-Free Meringues (15 calories)

This is a real treat. My mum's diabetic, so I'm always on the watch for good diabetic-friendly recipes (as well as anorexic-friendly!) to make.

15 calorie meringues

Sugar-Free Meringues

Makes 10-15 small or 5 large.
(for 5 large) 15 calories, 0g fat, 1.7g carb, 1.5g protein, 22mg sodium.


  • 2 Egg Whites
  • 1/8 tsp Cream of Tartar
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/3 cup granulated sweetener
  • Food dye (optional)


Preheat oven to 120c (250f) and line tray. Whip egg whites, cream of tartar and vanilla until foamy. Add sweetener, a little at a time, until stiff peaks form. Fold in some food dye, if you choose. Spoon onto baking sheet. Bake for 1-2hrs, until firm and crisp. When done, open oven door slightly and leave meringues in oven until oven has cooled.

These are so yummy, and low-cal! If you guys have had problems with sugar-free meringue before, I urge you to try this recipe - most call for way too much cream of tartar, which gives it a really funky taste. They're really worth the time cooking & cooling!

Hope you guys enjoy my first proper recipe post! :-)


Recipe: Whipped Jello (3.5 calories)

Whipped Jelly (3.5 calories) with whipped
cream (11 calories)
This is absolutely amazing! If you thought sugar-free jelly/Jello/gelatin couldn't get any better, you were wrong!

Whipped Jelly

Makes 8 serves. 3.5 calories.


  • One pack sugar-free jelly / Jello crystals


Add water to gelatin, according to packet instructions (mine is one cup boiling, one cup cold) and stir until well dissolved. Set in fridge for two hours until thick, but not set (jelly should be able to stirred with no lumps, and barely hold it's shape on a spoon). Using an electric mixer, beat jelly until it is frothy and expanded 3-4 times in volume (I get eight ~3/4 cup serves). Pour into serving dishes and set in fridge for another 1-2 hours at least, until firm.

Variation: Jello Meringue Mousse

This is how my mother likes it: Beat two egg whites in a separate bowl with a pinch of salt, until stiff peaks form. Pour in whipped jelly, combine, and pour into dishes and allow to set. This adds a few more calories, but it's still very low.

Serve with a splash of light whipped cream (I use 5grams, 11 calories) for a wonderful 15 calorie dessert :)

Bon appetite!


Recipe: Frozen Berry Yoghurt (30 calories)

This is my breakfast most days :)

Frozen Berry Yoghurt

(using 50g each yoghurt & berries) 30 calories


  • Equal weights fat-free yoghurt
  • And frozen berries (I use 50g strawberries)
  • Sweetener to taste (I use 1 tsp)


Use blender or Ba-mix to pulverize berries and combine with yoghurt. Put in freezer for 15-45 minutes until it's reached desired consistency.


Recipe: Strawberry Smoothie (30 calories)

A simple, low-cal smoothie.

Strawberry Smoothie

Makes one 250ml serve. 30 calories.


  • 50g frozen strawberries
  • 2-4 ice cubes, depending on size
  • Sweetener
  • 1/4 cup skim milk
  • 1/4-1/3 cup water


Crush ice and strawberries in blender. Add milk and water (as needed) with sweetener, and blend to combine.


Rest Day

I looked back, and saw I hadn't had a full rest day in over two weeks (I take them very reluctantly - my normal rest days are 15-30mins running, instead of 60-90). So I'm gonna take a day off, have some protein today, and see if I can get my legs feeling better by tomorrow. You know what that means? Today's burn will be blood, sweat, and elbow grease.

I don't really have too much to do in the kitchen today, besides balling melons, so I'm gonna be doing a run (not literally) to both grocery stores, maybe buy a dog coat (poor Silky's getting old), box up Jarrah's books, maybe finish organizing my room, and just catch up. Rest days are days where I have the morning free to catch up on housework! :-) I'd like to get a little burn of 200-300, maybe join mum on her walk later if my leg's up to it.

Stay active!



I woke up at 4am today, and tossed and turned and stressed trying to get my sleep in. Long story short, I got up at 4:30. I'll probably run less today, if at all - I'll see how my leg feels. Calories may be higher than 200 today, hopefully under 350, especially if I get some protein in to help with my legs.

If I do have some protein today, I'll be able to use my little one-egg frying pan I bought last week :) Fluffy egg white omelette coming up for lunch or dinner! Yummers! Also on the menu today: frozen strawberry yoghurt, watermelon & strawberries, soup, apples, maybe tomato of some form (cooked tomatoes, sometimes with cheese, in any form are my ultimate comfort/trigger/binge food). I used to make a mean bolognese-seasoned tomato soup (30 cals a half-cup!) so I may whip some of that up today or tomorrow, because I can make it in single-serves :)

I feel so motivated to eat fruit & soups right now. I need to feel motivated to eat what I plan, or the plan cracks. But I realized the other day how easy it is for me to eat mostly-clean now. I just get huge cravings for fruits, tomato, and my soup. Oh, and my strawberry yoghurt and smoothies are also huge cravings. Sometimes nachos, but rarely pizza/pasta/chips/chicken/whateverthefuck.

I'll see how I go with running, and report back in later. Have a wonderful day, everyone! :)

EDIT: Today is day 77, 11 weeks, without weighing! I have no idea how much I weigh. I hope I haven't gained. My measurements have been going down. I hope I've dropped from 48kg to 45kg, even though I was being a little naughty up until about a month ago. *fingers crossed*


Wednesday, 30 May 2012


So, when I updated this morning I'd had a black coffee, a frozen strawberry yoghurt, some apple and some tea, for a total of 59 cals.

I ended up skipping lunch and just having a coffee (4) instead. I had a bit of a snooze, and grabbed some sugar-free mints (4) when I woke up. I had another coffee (3) when my friend got here, and some soup (34) after she left because I was feeling a little sick, and some mints (6) to settle my stomach. When mum had dinner, I joined with a little bowl of watermelon & strawberries (21), which is a lovely combination.

I had a hot chocolate (25) after dinner, and I'll have another one before bed (25) and I'll be at a wonderful 181 for the end of the day :-) I burnt 10x my intake :3

Legs have been cramping like a bitch today and yesterday. Might have a slow start to the day tomorrow, maybe lie in a little... :) If they're still cramping tomorrow night, I might make an egg white omelette for dinner (yummm!), treat myself a little :)

Intake: 181 cal
Burnt running: 1,728 (2 hours!)
Burnt doing housework: 115 (I burnt out after the texts with J :-/)
Total burnt: 1,843 cal
Net intake: -1,662

Oh yeaaah!

Be good to yourselves <3


Best morning in ages

Within 3 minutes of me getting back on the elliptical trainer after an early breakfast, mum woke up and came in to bug me. Lolyouserious? So I finished 5 minutes, got off, had a quick smoke with her, and excused myself to go run, as I would otherwise have 30 calories for no reason, turning from sugar to fat. I finished my half hour, for a total of 45 mins by 6am. Then I got back on at 7:30 for another half hour, had a little diced apple (25), then ran more this morning to get to a 90 min total (1,296 burnt)!!!

So, recap. Up since 4am, ran at 4:30, eaten a yoghurt and an apple and a black coffee (59 running total), burnt over 1,300 About to go shopping to pick up some wonderful fruits: Golden Delicious apples, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries & grapes (If I can find them).

Also just got a text from J (after ignoring me for a fucking week) saying he's ready to talk. I said I didn't think there was much to talk about, but it's up to him, and he can come pick up some stuff if he wants. So yeah. Brilliant late afternoon coming up for me :/ This cut my last run short though, so I only ran 90 mins total, not 120 :-/ oh well.

I'm hoping to stay on my feet this morning, and join mum on her walk later, to get to a 1,500 burn. It should be possible if I spend my usual amount of time doing housework.

Might still try for another 30 min run.

Interesting day ahead.


EDIT: Got straight back to running, and got my two hour total. Woop woop! What up, 1,728 cals burnt? ;) Legs and feet are killing me after a few slacker days, but it's so worth it :) God I love running <3

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Each day is getting easier and harder

Since I had my frozen strawberry yoghurt (30) made last night, I could start my day earlier without waking people with loud kitchen appliances. I got up at 4, and at 4:30 I popped it from the fridge to the freezer, did a short warm-up run, and now I'm waiting for my yoghurt to freeze up a lite more :) So I'll be having breakfast at 5am, running again by 5:30. I want to get 45 minutes done before mum gets up, then another 15-45 depending on how I'm going.

My friend who cancelled on me the other day is popping around at some point this afternoon, but I'm not too sure how long for. I asked her to come around after lunch, so I know I won't need to eat around her. Either way, busy morning, relaxing afternoon, <350 calories. I am disgusted by how much I've been eating the past few days, and I need to change it. So, the plan is to run 60-90 minutes this morning, keep on the move, then stop after lunch and relax (in the shed, away from food).

Oh, and the soup I made last night? A-MAZ-ING! So dinner is sorted for the first time in days - no excuses :)

Next measurement date: June 5th
Next weigh (if measurements are on track): June 14th
After I next weigh, I'm gonna start a 30 day challenge :)

Give me Smoothie Suggestions!

In a few posts back, I mentioned that I recently bought a blender a while back, and I only have one recipe - essentially strawberries, milk & sweetener.

I've decided to take the plunge and buy some different frozen fruit - I'm thinking blueberries, blackcurrants, raspberries, cherries, and maybe blackberries. I want to keep it strawberry-based to start with (maybe add one each blueberry, raspberry & blackcurrants?), but I really wanna hear some suggestions for what you guys like in smoothies. Fruit combinations, milk/yoghurt, whatever :)

What Smoothie recipes do you guys like?



Liquid fast went okay last night. Ended up having a huge smoothie, and three big hot chocolates :( Poop. Calorie-wise, it would've been better to have nachos. But liquid is better (I guess...). I still had a massive burn, so I had a decent deficit still :) (no, I don't really want to share an exact number. I've never gone about 200 on a fasting day :( though I guess I already had lunch & breakfast)

Dear Fat Bitch, (me)
Get your fucking act in to gear! Stop craving such bad foods, and that rush of overeating. Soup, jelly and fruit is on your menu now.

I need some accountability in my life... Anyone? I mostly just need to have one person who reads my blog, to bug me to post my intake or something.

Monday, 28 May 2012

All Dressed Up and No Place to Go

My friend cancelled on me - boo :(

So here I am, on my laptop, finding new blogs to read (half the blogs I follow don't post anymore - and I don't even follow that many :( ). If you get a comment from me randomly - hi! I'm just trying to make some new friends :) On the upside, I did my makeup today and tidied up my eyebrows and stuff, so I don't feel too shabby today. Sorry for the picture spam, everyone (anyone...?) - I just take lots of photos of me and food and everything!


Thigh Gap!

I started my day off with an early bubble bath. I noticed how small my thighs are getting :)

I love leggings
I'm pretty damn happy with this for now :) They're nearly as tiny as they were at the beginning of the year (thank God I stopped being a protein feind and went back to fruit & soup & jelly!). I still have a tiny soft bit right at the top of my inner thighs, but that'll go soon enough. My calves aren't looking too bad, either, as long as I don't flex them.

Sorry for the bad angles - I had to bend over to take the photos, lol.

Feet Together, Thighs Apart

Monday-itis (in a good way)

Morning, blog world. I woke up feeling much better (physically), but still pretty blue. It's Monday, and I haven't heard from J since Wednesday morning. Getting anxious. Had a nice bath, have some nice fuck-yeah-thigh-gap pictures coming up. I made myself a nice breakfast again and got running while it was setting. I was going to just do my short 15 minute run, but I was enjoying it so much, I went to half an hour. It means I had to wait a few minutes for my yoghurt to thaw slightly, but it was so worth it. I dropped my Ba-Mix though. This is bad for two reasons: 1) It's 30 years old, 2) I lost a bit of yoghurt. On the upside, if it's broken, I have a new one stashed in a cupboard that I can replace it with :)

In other news, today is 200 cal. My plan is:
B - frozen strawberry yoghurt & oolong tea (30)
L - diced golden delicious apple & green tea, sugar-free icy pole (30)
D - lamb broth & lentil & vege soup, mineral water, whipped jello with cream & peppermint tea (50)
Other - black coffee x3 (11), dark choc mini rice cakes x3 (42), hot chocolate (28), SF Werther's (19)
=200 :)

I should be able to get a burn of 1,000 if I push it this morning and my sugar levels hold up until my friend comes over. Also aiming for four liters of water today (I average 3-4L a day).

Let's do this thing!

A Good Start to the Day is Important

Not my image, but I like it :)

Happy Monday, everyone (every day is special)!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

"Eat, Drink and be Merry, for tomorrow we Diet"

"Tomorrow We Diet", a Goofy cartoon from 1950. 
I remember watching this as a little kid, but I saw it in a whole new light tonight!

Thank God It's Sunday

Intake: 666 cal ;)

Burnt running: 432
Burnt doing housework: 240
Net intake: -6

Chicken on toast for lunch with mum, scone & cupcake for afternoon tea, and only had 3/9 nachos I made for dinner because I was still so full. Success :) Only got in 2.5L water today, but it's better than nothing :)

Plan for tomorrow: 200 cal, 500-1,000 burnt (have a visitor tomorrow, but not sure if it'll cut into my burn time, or eating plan for that matter :S). Hoping to get an hour of running and a few hours of cleaning in in the morning before she comes over. It's a little after 7PM now, so I'll easily be out by 8, up by 4AM. I'll try to get on the trainer earlier tomorrow, but no promises there (especially if housework comes first). Blood, sweat, and elbow grease! (Yes, I'm a bit of  a homemaker at heart)

Weekends have started to be a slow time for me these past few weeks. Monday's are always great. Especially when I eat more on Sunday like I did today, I'm even more motivated for the week ahead. Today was a bit hard emotionally, and I don't expect tomorrow to be much better. I'm just getting anxious about no contact from J for so long, when things are 'finished-finished'. But I'm trying really hard to stay positive at the moment. Don't be surprised if I crash in a heap next week, though, but for now I'll just roll with the punches.

Come at me, world!

Hope you're all trying to stay positive, and motivated for the coming week! :)



I think I waited too long between having my smoothie and running, because I had trouble on my first run. But I cooled off, sat, drank some water, grabbed some gum, and got back on it :) I only did another 15 minutes, though. 432 burnt from running, and calling it a day.

I'm feeling pretty blue today, as I said earlier. And fasting just makes me feel physically worse. So, I've had 3 good days, now I'm having a bad day (still under 1,000, I hope). Just need to steer clear of real chocolate.

I should mention that I don't normally fast (even smoothies) after a low-calorie day because I have issues with hypoglycemia, and I just can't get enough sugar through my smoothies without ADDING sugar (never, never, never!). So I might try fasting again after a high calorie day, but at the moment I really can't risk hospital (a big reason why I take it easier now).

Since I can't do nachos without being over 250 anyway (unless I make my BSL lower further :-/), I'm just gonna go for it. To make sure it's worth it, I'm going to flake up a little chicken, add an extra teaspoon of salsa, and a couple more grams of cheese (217 max instead of 177 - not too bad for a bonus/binge prevention, loss of control is my issue).

I'm also watching movies that I've been wanting to re-watch (Julie & Julia, Black Swan, and the last Harry Potter are in a pile right now). Got some light cleaning to do today, but nothing that can't wait. I deserve a break.

Stay relaxed, guys :)

Ah, Sunday :)

Strawberry Smoothie - 30 cal
(recipe below!)
Good morning, Angels :)

I'm feeling pretty good this morning. I've started to learn that it's okay to have a slower start on weekends than normal, especially on Sunday (she said, lying on the couch). It's a week since J left today, so I'm a little blue. The last thing I said (via text) on Wednesday was that I hoped he was ready to talk soon, and that I'd give him space. So yeah. I feel a little forgotten (but what's new?) Sorry, </emo>.

On a lighter note, smoothies! I've decided that today would be a good day to pull a little 24 or 40 hour fast. I'm gonna see how I go. The family are having parmiganas tonight, so that's nothing too tempting (I've never liked breaded meat). But, warm tomato and melted cheese is my weakness, so I might eat tonight and make it a 24 hour liquid fast, or maybe tomorrow morning and make it an even 40. My cheat meal is a little 180-calorie weighed-and-measured plate of nine low-sodium, low-fat nachos, so that's on the cards for my 350 cal day (either today or tomorrow) for dinner :) But for now, I've just had a wonderful 30 calorie strawberry smoothie for breakfast.

I have an unhealthy love for kitchen appliances
(me when I first got in the car with my new blender)
I had been using a Ba-Mix (if you don't have one, I highly recommend them for cakes, smoothies, yoghurt, whatever) to make my smoothies, but it doesn't crush ice, and I wanted to add some ice. So, about a month ago, I went out and bought myself my first KitchenAid appliance - a blender (I'm gonna buy a new mixer with all the attachments when my little old reliable one dies...). I love this thing! I got the one with an acrylic pitcher because the glass one was a bit heavy for me, but it's just as sturdy with crushing ice (and I'm less likely to drop and smash it). I wanted a little Magic Bullet blender or something, but I couldn't find any, so I had to make do with this one ;)

My smoothie isn't anything to special. In fact, I only have one smoothie recipe. And it's pretty damn simple.

Strawberry Smoothie - 30 calories

For recipe, go here: 30 Calorie Strawberry Smoothie

I'm about to go for a short run and get on with my day (it's nearly 08:15, *le gasp*) Will try to get a whole hour of running in, just in case I do nachos later, but even if I can do half an hour so I'll burn off at least what I might eat, that'll do nicely too :)

Hope everyone's feeling good today, and having a pleasant weekend :)


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Soup and Jelly! And Daily Intake.

Anyone who knows me, knows that my two safe foods have always been: Soup and Jelly (Jello?).

Whipped Jelly (4 cal) with a squirt of cream
(5 grams, 11 calories) ,
for a delightful 15 calorie dessert
Originally it was pureed thick vegetable soup and Weight Watcher's fruit in jelly cups, and ate pretty much only this for a year. Now, my current combination is much more appealing (and, funnily enough, similar in calories!) - whipped jelly with whipped cream (3.5 calories a cup, plus cream), and homemade lamb broth, vegetable & lentil soup (68 cal a cup - I eat a half cup).

Soup recipes speak for themselves, and the jelly does too, kind of - it's just whipped. I serve it with a (weighed) squirt of light aerosol whipped cream and a dash of sprinkles if I'm feeling eccentric ;) If anyone wants a recipe for anything I make/post, please let me know and I'll be on it :) So soup and jelly is always my standby.

I'm going to be doing my measurements again June 5th (two weeks apart). I do my: bust, waist, hips, neck, thigh top, thigh bottom, calf top, ankle, upper arm top, upper arm bottom, forearm top and wrist. Yes, I know it's a lot of measurements.
In my last two week period (8th May - 22nd May) I lost a total of 1.75" between them all, the most noticible being the inch gone from my bust. It's slow progress, but I don't need it to be fast. I'm thinking of weighing myself again in a few weeks - once I'm damn sure I've lost weight.

I can't stand to weigh myself so often anymore. Though, at the same time, I'm scared not to. I went 34 days without weighing during February, and tried to up my intake to a healthy weight loss amount, and gained 7kg (up to 48kg). So, here I am, with no scales, scared to eat. I hope I'll be at least 45kg by the next time I weigh myself.

My meal plan at the moment seems to be this:

200-300 cal for 3-4 days, then a 500-800 cal day.

Breakfast: Frozen Strawberry Yoghurt or Smoothie with Oolong tea (30)
Lunch: Corn cake with Vegemite, or Strawberry Yoghurt, or Smoothie, or soup, with either green/oolong/peppermint tea, sometimes a mineral water (22-36)
Dinner: Soup, mineral water, whipped jelly, peppermint tea (40-50)
Plus two-three black coffees throughout the day, tea, one or two hot chocolates, sometimes some dark-chocolate rice cakes (though I have milk at the moment), to the sum of 200-300 calories total :)

I also had some Milk Chocolate Mini Rice Cakes for afternoon tea (They're made by Table of Plenty). The big stats are 3g each, 15 calories, 0.2g fiber, and 1.8g carb :) So mum loves them too, for her blood sugars. The picture is of the dark ones, but you get the jist!

Sugar-free Werther's Original are another weakness of mine, as are Berry Extra Active Gum, Double D Fruit Drops, and WOW Chewy Caramels (all sugar-free). These make up the 'missing calories' in my day to get to a round number - I love round numbers.

Intake for the day: 200 calories

  • Burnt running: 864 calories
  • Burnt doing housework: 135 cal (lazy day!)
  • Net intake: -799 calories

Aiming for an intake of 250-350 the next two days, with an 800 calorie day (maybe higher, but never over 999) coming up on Tuesday. Hope everyone out there in the blogging world's had a good day :)


Arms, hands, and a neck

Just some more pic spam for y'all. These are more specific body parts, I guess.

Underarm ravine
Lose skin folds are hard to distinguish from fat
some times :-/

Flexing my massive bicep...

This is more actually showing off my piercings,
rather than my neck
Thumb tendon...

Giant hand, tiny wrist? 

Legs, Body Shots, and Tummies

Some Picture Spam (and self-fucked-up-thinspo for myself). These are just some pictures that have stood out to me at one point or another, for one reason or another.
My back after leaving Hospital, December 2011
In Hospital on an Involuntary Treatment
Order, December 2011

December 2011

January/February 2012

My legs, side view,  January/February 2012

February 2012

Busy Morning

So today's been fairly usual for me. I tend to wake up around 4AM pretty reliably, which gives me a few hours of 'me' time first thing before my mum gets up (as my boyfriend waking up is no longer a factor...). I got on the cross-trainer a little before 8am after blitzing together a frozen yoghurt (equal weights fat-free yoghurt and frozen berries, pulverized together, really). I did a short 15 minute stint, had my yoghurt (30) (15 minutes in the freezer is perfect!), and finished my hour of running.

I got a weird stomach cramp during the morning, so I had a cup of peppermint tea, and that settled it down a bit. I ran lots of errands with mum - went grocery shopping, got kitty some new litter, and went to grab some DVDs for the week :) I ended up having half a Golden Delicious apple (27) for lunch, and made mum a rare deli roast beef sandwich with pineapple on the side (she's diabetic, so I help out with nutrition-type things when I can) and then I got on my laptop (instead of my phone) so I could come here and set up my blog a bit more :) Feel privileged, people, I never use my computer anymore!

Also, while I think of it, I'm looking for new supplements to try (mineral/vitamin/nutrients, not diet pills!). I'm on Centrum Advance (multi-vitamin & mineral), Fish Oil, Iron, and Nature's Way Metabolift. I used to take Caltrate, but it didn't agree with my stomach.

And I'm obsessed with taking pictures of food. There's a link to my Facebook album over there --->
I made the album public, but have no way of telling if the link actually damn works, so let me know! :)

Where I started, where I've been, where I am

March 2009

This is me before I was sick (three years ago). I don't look too bad, right? I mean, most of my butt is a bustle. I wasn't overweight, in fact I bordered on underweight. But this is where I am normally - this is important. (I sewed that ensemble in 2 days - c.1880 Polonaise and Walking Skirt).

January/February 2012
This is me now.

 Well, I still have some curves, right?

My weight and measurements (from the first picture to the second) has gone from 65kg to 41kg, and my measurements from 38-31-36 to 28-21-31. But this is me, this is where I've been, this is where I am, just for a few starting pictures.

My legs, January/February 2012
60kg, June/July 2011 post-refeeding

December 2011, days after discharge
from hospital