Thursday, 31 May 2012

Low Calorie Recipes!

15 calorie Meringues
Hey guys!

3 calorie Whipped Jello (15 with
whipped cream)
I've decided to start posting some low-calorie recipes. Over the years I've come across that are too good not to share, but I've had no one to share them with until now. So head over to my Recipes Page (or click any of the links under the images) and check them out! I'll be posting recipes for meal dishes, desserts, baked goods - all Anorexic-Friendly ;) I doubt I'll have any recipes over 200 calories a serve posted (and that's a very generous guess), so go check them out if you're looking for new recipes to try.

Happy cooking!

30 calorie Smoothie

30 calorie Frozen Berry Yoghurt


  1. Waw so great !
    I really enjoy cooking and I was precisely looking for low calorie recipes ! That looks so yummy! Thanks a lot :)
    I'll try them at home and tell you how it went ^^
    I was wondering, do you have any low calorie recipe involving lemon ? (I LOVE LEMON ^^)
    Moreover, this sunday is mother's day in France, so I was planning on cooking a cake for my mum, however, as I know she will want me to eat some too, I was wondering if you had any low calorie cake recipe.
    Have a beautiful day !

  2. Thanks! I have so many that I've collected and created over the years, and I'm just glad to share them :)

    None with lemon come to mind specifically, but I'll let you know if I think of anything. For low-calorie cakes, I can't really think of any specific recipes. I think Angel Food Cake is made with egg whites, so lower in fat.
    Using powdered egg substitute, low-fat margarine spreads and skim milk instead of full-fat counterparts will produce the best results while cutting calories (cutting too much fat produces a bad-textured cake). Though, for a really low calorie cake, get a box of low-sugar cake mix and make it with a can of Diet Soda (if you Google 'Diet Soda Cake', you'll find tonnes of how to's), but these tend to turn out a little rubbery (because there's no fat, which is crucial for a proper cake texture). Using Cake Flour will also help produce a more tender cake, when cutting fat (it has a different protein content, which betters the texture and elasticity), but you should always have at least an egg yolk or a touch of margarine in there for a little fat content.

    Hope this helped! :) Let me know how it goes. Thanks so much for the comments!


  3. Oh, and using artificial sweeteners or low-calorie natural sweeteners instead of sugar, obviously!


    1. Hehe thank you for the tips, I'll try to bake something nice, and if the result is satisfying I'll put the recipe and picture on my blog :)

    2. No problem :) Good luck - I hope it turns out well! I just made a post about how to cut calories in everyday baking, inspired by you ^^,

  4. Just found your blog, and I'm working my way through. Loving it so far. The recipes are fantastic!