Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Best morning in ages

Within 3 minutes of me getting back on the elliptical trainer after an early breakfast, mum woke up and came in to bug me. Lolyouserious? So I finished 5 minutes, got off, had a quick smoke with her, and excused myself to go run, as I would otherwise have 30 calories for no reason, turning from sugar to fat. I finished my half hour, for a total of 45 mins by 6am. Then I got back on at 7:30 for another half hour, had a little diced apple (25), then ran more this morning to get to a 90 min total (1,296 burnt)!!!

So, recap. Up since 4am, ran at 4:30, eaten a yoghurt and an apple and a black coffee (59 running total), burnt over 1,300 About to go shopping to pick up some wonderful fruits: Golden Delicious apples, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries & grapes (If I can find them).

Also just got a text from J (after ignoring me for a fucking week) saying he's ready to talk. I said I didn't think there was much to talk about, but it's up to him, and he can come pick up some stuff if he wants. So yeah. Brilliant late afternoon coming up for me :/ This cut my last run short though, so I only ran 90 mins total, not 120 :-/ oh well.

I'm hoping to stay on my feet this morning, and join mum on her walk later, to get to a 1,500 burn. It should be possible if I spend my usual amount of time doing housework.

Might still try for another 30 min run.

Interesting day ahead.


EDIT: Got straight back to running, and got my two hour total. Woop woop! What up, 1,728 cals burnt? ;) Legs and feet are killing me after a few slacker days, but it's so worth it :) God I love running <3

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