Wednesday, 30 May 2012


So, when I updated this morning I'd had a black coffee, a frozen strawberry yoghurt, some apple and some tea, for a total of 59 cals.

I ended up skipping lunch and just having a coffee (4) instead. I had a bit of a snooze, and grabbed some sugar-free mints (4) when I woke up. I had another coffee (3) when my friend got here, and some soup (34) after she left because I was feeling a little sick, and some mints (6) to settle my stomach. When mum had dinner, I joined with a little bowl of watermelon & strawberries (21), which is a lovely combination.

I had a hot chocolate (25) after dinner, and I'll have another one before bed (25) and I'll be at a wonderful 181 for the end of the day :-) I burnt 10x my intake :3

Legs have been cramping like a bitch today and yesterday. Might have a slow start to the day tomorrow, maybe lie in a little... :) If they're still cramping tomorrow night, I might make an egg white omelette for dinner (yummm!), treat myself a little :)

Intake: 181 cal
Burnt running: 1,728 (2 hours!)
Burnt doing housework: 115 (I burnt out after the texts with J :-/)
Total burnt: 1,843 cal
Net intake: -1,662

Oh yeaaah!

Be good to yourselves <3


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