Saturday, 26 May 2012

Where I started, where I've been, where I am

March 2009

This is me before I was sick (three years ago). I don't look too bad, right? I mean, most of my butt is a bustle. I wasn't overweight, in fact I bordered on underweight. But this is where I am normally - this is important. (I sewed that ensemble in 2 days - c.1880 Polonaise and Walking Skirt).

January/February 2012
This is me now.

 Well, I still have some curves, right?

My weight and measurements (from the first picture to the second) has gone from 65kg to 41kg, and my measurements from 38-31-36 to 28-21-31. But this is me, this is where I've been, this is where I am, just for a few starting pictures.

My legs, January/February 2012
60kg, June/July 2011 post-refeeding

December 2011, days after discharge
from hospital

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