Saturday, 26 May 2012

Busy Morning

So today's been fairly usual for me. I tend to wake up around 4AM pretty reliably, which gives me a few hours of 'me' time first thing before my mum gets up (as my boyfriend waking up is no longer a factor...). I got on the cross-trainer a little before 8am after blitzing together a frozen yoghurt (equal weights fat-free yoghurt and frozen berries, pulverized together, really). I did a short 15 minute stint, had my yoghurt (30) (15 minutes in the freezer is perfect!), and finished my hour of running.

I got a weird stomach cramp during the morning, so I had a cup of peppermint tea, and that settled it down a bit. I ran lots of errands with mum - went grocery shopping, got kitty some new litter, and went to grab some DVDs for the week :) I ended up having half a Golden Delicious apple (27) for lunch, and made mum a rare deli roast beef sandwich with pineapple on the side (she's diabetic, so I help out with nutrition-type things when I can) and then I got on my laptop (instead of my phone) so I could come here and set up my blog a bit more :) Feel privileged, people, I never use my computer anymore!

Also, while I think of it, I'm looking for new supplements to try (mineral/vitamin/nutrients, not diet pills!). I'm on Centrum Advance (multi-vitamin & mineral), Fish Oil, Iron, and Nature's Way Metabolift. I used to take Caltrate, but it didn't agree with my stomach.

And I'm obsessed with taking pictures of food. There's a link to my Facebook album over there --->
I made the album public, but have no way of telling if the link actually damn works, so let me know! :)

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