Monday, 28 May 2012

Monday-itis (in a good way)

Morning, blog world. I woke up feeling much better (physically), but still pretty blue. It's Monday, and I haven't heard from J since Wednesday morning. Getting anxious. Had a nice bath, have some nice fuck-yeah-thigh-gap pictures coming up. I made myself a nice breakfast again and got running while it was setting. I was going to just do my short 15 minute run, but I was enjoying it so much, I went to half an hour. It means I had to wait a few minutes for my yoghurt to thaw slightly, but it was so worth it. I dropped my Ba-Mix though. This is bad for two reasons: 1) It's 30 years old, 2) I lost a bit of yoghurt. On the upside, if it's broken, I have a new one stashed in a cupboard that I can replace it with :)

In other news, today is 200 cal. My plan is:
B - frozen strawberry yoghurt & oolong tea (30)
L - diced golden delicious apple & green tea, sugar-free icy pole (30)
D - lamb broth & lentil & vege soup, mineral water, whipped jello with cream & peppermint tea (50)
Other - black coffee x3 (11), dark choc mini rice cakes x3 (42), hot chocolate (28), SF Werther's (19)
=200 :)

I should be able to get a burn of 1,000 if I push it this morning and my sugar levels hold up until my friend comes over. Also aiming for four liters of water today (I average 3-4L a day).

Let's do this thing!


  1. Do you always run on an empty stomach and have breakfast later ?
    I tried doing that once, but I thought I was going to die. Now I usually eat something, even just a yogurt, before I run.
    Is that better to eat afterward ? How do you manage to keep running without any calorie intake ?

  2. I usually do at least 15 minutes before I eat, but do the bulk of my running after yoghurt or fruit :) I've been running every day for two years, so I have a pretty good endurance built up. Normally a Black coffee is enough to get me through a short warm up :)