Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Each day is getting easier and harder

Since I had my frozen strawberry yoghurt (30) made last night, I could start my day earlier without waking people with loud kitchen appliances. I got up at 4, and at 4:30 I popped it from the fridge to the freezer, did a short warm-up run, and now I'm waiting for my yoghurt to freeze up a lite more :) So I'll be having breakfast at 5am, running again by 5:30. I want to get 45 minutes done before mum gets up, then another 15-45 depending on how I'm going.

My friend who cancelled on me the other day is popping around at some point this afternoon, but I'm not too sure how long for. I asked her to come around after lunch, so I know I won't need to eat around her. Either way, busy morning, relaxing afternoon, <350 calories. I am disgusted by how much I've been eating the past few days, and I need to change it. So, the plan is to run 60-90 minutes this morning, keep on the move, then stop after lunch and relax (in the shed, away from food).

Oh, and the soup I made last night? A-MAZ-ING! So dinner is sorted for the first time in days - no excuses :)

Next measurement date: June 5th
Next weigh (if measurements are on track): June 14th
After I next weigh, I'm gonna start a 30 day challenge :)

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