Saturday, 26 May 2012

Soup and Jelly! And Daily Intake.

Anyone who knows me, knows that my two safe foods have always been: Soup and Jelly (Jello?).

Whipped Jelly (4 cal) with a squirt of cream
(5 grams, 11 calories) ,
for a delightful 15 calorie dessert
Originally it was pureed thick vegetable soup and Weight Watcher's fruit in jelly cups, and ate pretty much only this for a year. Now, my current combination is much more appealing (and, funnily enough, similar in calories!) - whipped jelly with whipped cream (3.5 calories a cup, plus cream), and homemade lamb broth, vegetable & lentil soup (68 cal a cup - I eat a half cup).

Soup recipes speak for themselves, and the jelly does too, kind of - it's just whipped. I serve it with a (weighed) squirt of light aerosol whipped cream and a dash of sprinkles if I'm feeling eccentric ;) If anyone wants a recipe for anything I make/post, please let me know and I'll be on it :) So soup and jelly is always my standby.

I'm going to be doing my measurements again June 5th (two weeks apart). I do my: bust, waist, hips, neck, thigh top, thigh bottom, calf top, ankle, upper arm top, upper arm bottom, forearm top and wrist. Yes, I know it's a lot of measurements.
In my last two week period (8th May - 22nd May) I lost a total of 1.75" between them all, the most noticible being the inch gone from my bust. It's slow progress, but I don't need it to be fast. I'm thinking of weighing myself again in a few weeks - once I'm damn sure I've lost weight.

I can't stand to weigh myself so often anymore. Though, at the same time, I'm scared not to. I went 34 days without weighing during February, and tried to up my intake to a healthy weight loss amount, and gained 7kg (up to 48kg). So, here I am, with no scales, scared to eat. I hope I'll be at least 45kg by the next time I weigh myself.

My meal plan at the moment seems to be this:

200-300 cal for 3-4 days, then a 500-800 cal day.

Breakfast: Frozen Strawberry Yoghurt or Smoothie with Oolong tea (30)
Lunch: Corn cake with Vegemite, or Strawberry Yoghurt, or Smoothie, or soup, with either green/oolong/peppermint tea, sometimes a mineral water (22-36)
Dinner: Soup, mineral water, whipped jelly, peppermint tea (40-50)
Plus two-three black coffees throughout the day, tea, one or two hot chocolates, sometimes some dark-chocolate rice cakes (though I have milk at the moment), to the sum of 200-300 calories total :)

I also had some Milk Chocolate Mini Rice Cakes for afternoon tea (They're made by Table of Plenty). The big stats are 3g each, 15 calories, 0.2g fiber, and 1.8g carb :) So mum loves them too, for her blood sugars. The picture is of the dark ones, but you get the jist!

Sugar-free Werther's Original are another weakness of mine, as are Berry Extra Active Gum, Double D Fruit Drops, and WOW Chewy Caramels (all sugar-free). These make up the 'missing calories' in my day to get to a round number - I love round numbers.

Intake for the day: 200 calories

  • Burnt running: 864 calories
  • Burnt doing housework: 135 cal (lazy day!)
  • Net intake: -799 calories

Aiming for an intake of 250-350 the next two days, with an 800 calorie day (maybe higher, but never over 999) coming up on Tuesday. Hope everyone out there in the blogging world's had a good day :)



  1. Waw you really have a powerful will.
    I must say I admire you more and more as I read your blog !
    Your jelly seems very tasty! However, here in France, we don't have jelly ><' Do you know anything that could replace it ?

  2. Thank you so much! You've made my morning brilliant, really :) Jelly is Jello in the states. It's just a gelatin-based dessert :) you could even google 'gelatin recipes' or something and see what comes up