Thursday, 31 May 2012


I woke up at 4am today, and tossed and turned and stressed trying to get my sleep in. Long story short, I got up at 4:30. I'll probably run less today, if at all - I'll see how my leg feels. Calories may be higher than 200 today, hopefully under 350, especially if I get some protein in to help with my legs.

If I do have some protein today, I'll be able to use my little one-egg frying pan I bought last week :) Fluffy egg white omelette coming up for lunch or dinner! Yummers! Also on the menu today: frozen strawberry yoghurt, watermelon & strawberries, soup, apples, maybe tomato of some form (cooked tomatoes, sometimes with cheese, in any form are my ultimate comfort/trigger/binge food). I used to make a mean bolognese-seasoned tomato soup (30 cals a half-cup!) so I may whip some of that up today or tomorrow, because I can make it in single-serves :)

I feel so motivated to eat fruit & soups right now. I need to feel motivated to eat what I plan, or the plan cracks. But I realized the other day how easy it is for me to eat mostly-clean now. I just get huge cravings for fruits, tomato, and my soup. Oh, and my strawberry yoghurt and smoothies are also huge cravings. Sometimes nachos, but rarely pizza/pasta/chips/chicken/whateverthefuck.

I'll see how I go with running, and report back in later. Have a wonderful day, everyone! :)

EDIT: Today is day 77, 11 weeks, without weighing! I have no idea how much I weigh. I hope I haven't gained. My measurements have been going down. I hope I've dropped from 48kg to 45kg, even though I was being a little naughty up until about a month ago. *fingers crossed*


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