Sunday, 27 May 2012


I think I waited too long between having my smoothie and running, because I had trouble on my first run. But I cooled off, sat, drank some water, grabbed some gum, and got back on it :) I only did another 15 minutes, though. 432 burnt from running, and calling it a day.

I'm feeling pretty blue today, as I said earlier. And fasting just makes me feel physically worse. So, I've had 3 good days, now I'm having a bad day (still under 1,000, I hope). Just need to steer clear of real chocolate.

I should mention that I don't normally fast (even smoothies) after a low-calorie day because I have issues with hypoglycemia, and I just can't get enough sugar through my smoothies without ADDING sugar (never, never, never!). So I might try fasting again after a high calorie day, but at the moment I really can't risk hospital (a big reason why I take it easier now).

Since I can't do nachos without being over 250 anyway (unless I make my BSL lower further :-/), I'm just gonna go for it. To make sure it's worth it, I'm going to flake up a little chicken, add an extra teaspoon of salsa, and a couple more grams of cheese (217 max instead of 177 - not too bad for a bonus/binge prevention, loss of control is my issue).

I'm also watching movies that I've been wanting to re-watch (Julie & Julia, Black Swan, and the last Harry Potter are in a pile right now). Got some light cleaning to do today, but nothing that can't wait. I deserve a break.

Stay relaxed, guys :)

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