Thursday, 31 May 2012

Rest Day

I looked back, and saw I hadn't had a full rest day in over two weeks (I take them very reluctantly - my normal rest days are 15-30mins running, instead of 60-90). So I'm gonna take a day off, have some protein today, and see if I can get my legs feeling better by tomorrow. You know what that means? Today's burn will be blood, sweat, and elbow grease.

I don't really have too much to do in the kitchen today, besides balling melons, so I'm gonna be doing a run (not literally) to both grocery stores, maybe buy a dog coat (poor Silky's getting old), box up Jarrah's books, maybe finish organizing my room, and just catch up. Rest days are days where I have the morning free to catch up on housework! :-) I'd like to get a little burn of 200-300, maybe join mum on her walk later if my leg's up to it.

Stay active!


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