Sunday, 27 May 2012

Ah, Sunday :)

Strawberry Smoothie - 30 cal
(recipe below!)
Good morning, Angels :)

I'm feeling pretty good this morning. I've started to learn that it's okay to have a slower start on weekends than normal, especially on Sunday (she said, lying on the couch). It's a week since J left today, so I'm a little blue. The last thing I said (via text) on Wednesday was that I hoped he was ready to talk soon, and that I'd give him space. So yeah. I feel a little forgotten (but what's new?) Sorry, </emo>.

On a lighter note, smoothies! I've decided that today would be a good day to pull a little 24 or 40 hour fast. I'm gonna see how I go. The family are having parmiganas tonight, so that's nothing too tempting (I've never liked breaded meat). But, warm tomato and melted cheese is my weakness, so I might eat tonight and make it a 24 hour liquid fast, or maybe tomorrow morning and make it an even 40. My cheat meal is a little 180-calorie weighed-and-measured plate of nine low-sodium, low-fat nachos, so that's on the cards for my 350 cal day (either today or tomorrow) for dinner :) But for now, I've just had a wonderful 30 calorie strawberry smoothie for breakfast.

I have an unhealthy love for kitchen appliances
(me when I first got in the car with my new blender)
I had been using a Ba-Mix (if you don't have one, I highly recommend them for cakes, smoothies, yoghurt, whatever) to make my smoothies, but it doesn't crush ice, and I wanted to add some ice. So, about a month ago, I went out and bought myself my first KitchenAid appliance - a blender (I'm gonna buy a new mixer with all the attachments when my little old reliable one dies...). I love this thing! I got the one with an acrylic pitcher because the glass one was a bit heavy for me, but it's just as sturdy with crushing ice (and I'm less likely to drop and smash it). I wanted a little Magic Bullet blender or something, but I couldn't find any, so I had to make do with this one ;)

My smoothie isn't anything to special. In fact, I only have one smoothie recipe. And it's pretty damn simple.

Strawberry Smoothie - 30 calories

For recipe, go here: 30 Calorie Strawberry Smoothie

I'm about to go for a short run and get on with my day (it's nearly 08:15, *le gasp*) Will try to get a whole hour of running in, just in case I do nachos later, but even if I can do half an hour so I'll burn off at least what I might eat, that'll do nicely too :)

Hope everyone's feeling good today, and having a pleasant weekend :)


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