Thursday, 31 May 2012

Intake 31st May

41 calorie omelette, 20 calorie fruit salad
Breakfast - Frozen Strawberry Yoghurt, Oolong tea (30)
Lunch - Egg white, parsley & tomato sauce omelette, strawberries & watermelon (61)
Dinner - 9 Nachos, fat-free chocolate snack pack (184+80)
Other - Black coffee x4 (13), Meringues x3 (45), hot chocolate (25)

I treated myself a little with the nachos, but they're my kryptonite - especially with the chocolate craving afterwards. I thought I did well with a fat-free chocolate pudding, though :) I've posted the recipe for 15 calorie meringues (they're a decent size, too!), so go check it out :-) I feel a bit icky after such a big dinner, but oh well.

Intake: 438 cal
Burned running: 216
Burned doing housework: 231
Burned joining mum on her walk: 26
Total burn: 473
Net intake: -35 cal

Not my best day for net intake, but it was a rest day afterall ;-)


Meringue for afternoon tea :)

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