Thursday, 31 May 2012

Recipe: Whipped Jello (3.5 calories)

Whipped Jelly (3.5 calories) with whipped
cream (11 calories)
This is absolutely amazing! If you thought sugar-free jelly/Jello/gelatin couldn't get any better, you were wrong!

Whipped Jelly

Makes 8 serves. 3.5 calories.


  • One pack sugar-free jelly / Jello crystals


Add water to gelatin, according to packet instructions (mine is one cup boiling, one cup cold) and stir until well dissolved. Set in fridge for two hours until thick, but not set (jelly should be able to stirred with no lumps, and barely hold it's shape on a spoon). Using an electric mixer, beat jelly until it is frothy and expanded 3-4 times in volume (I get eight ~3/4 cup serves). Pour into serving dishes and set in fridge for another 1-2 hours at least, until firm.

Variation: Jello Meringue Mousse

This is how my mother likes it: Beat two egg whites in a separate bowl with a pinch of salt, until stiff peaks form. Pour in whipped jelly, combine, and pour into dishes and allow to set. This adds a few more calories, but it's still very low.

Serve with a splash of light whipped cream (I use 5grams, 11 calories) for a wonderful 15 calorie dessert :)

Bon appetite!


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