Sunday, 27 May 2012

Thank God It's Sunday

Intake: 666 cal ;)

Burnt running: 432
Burnt doing housework: 240
Net intake: -6

Chicken on toast for lunch with mum, scone & cupcake for afternoon tea, and only had 3/9 nachos I made for dinner because I was still so full. Success :) Only got in 2.5L water today, but it's better than nothing :)

Plan for tomorrow: 200 cal, 500-1,000 burnt (have a visitor tomorrow, but not sure if it'll cut into my burn time, or eating plan for that matter :S). Hoping to get an hour of running and a few hours of cleaning in in the morning before she comes over. It's a little after 7PM now, so I'll easily be out by 8, up by 4AM. I'll try to get on the trainer earlier tomorrow, but no promises there (especially if housework comes first). Blood, sweat, and elbow grease! (Yes, I'm a bit of  a homemaker at heart)

Weekends have started to be a slow time for me these past few weeks. Monday's are always great. Especially when I eat more on Sunday like I did today, I'm even more motivated for the week ahead. Today was a bit hard emotionally, and I don't expect tomorrow to be much better. I'm just getting anxious about no contact from J for so long, when things are 'finished-finished'. But I'm trying really hard to stay positive at the moment. Don't be surprised if I crash in a heap next week, though, but for now I'll just roll with the punches.

Come at me, world!

Hope you're all trying to stay positive, and motivated for the coming week! :)


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