Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Liquid fast went okay last night. Ended up having a huge smoothie, and three big hot chocolates :( Poop. Calorie-wise, it would've been better to have nachos. But liquid is better (I guess...). I still had a massive burn, so I had a decent deficit still :) (no, I don't really want to share an exact number. I've never gone about 200 on a fasting day :( though I guess I already had lunch & breakfast)

Dear Fat Bitch, (me)
Get your fucking act in to gear! Stop craving such bad foods, and that rush of overeating. Soup, jelly and fruit is on your menu now.

I need some accountability in my life... Anyone? I mostly just need to have one person who reads my blog, to bug me to post my intake or something.

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