Sunday, 8 February 2015

Five Special Aprons for Five Special Ladies

Just a short post today, mostly pictures of a few special sewing projects.

The past few weeks have been a mess. I don't know what I'm doing with myself. I feel so empty and lost and alone, I just want to retreat and isolate.

I'm just... ugh. Trying to get my thoughts together, struggling to find words. There's nothing to say.  My sleeping patterns are also a wreck. I'm either not sleeping at all or can't keep my eyes open. Currently it's the former - I've been up since 5am Saturday and it's 8pm Sunday now. It's a mess. But I just wanted to check in with you guys. I'll try to write something more later this week.

Anyway, so a little about these aprons themselves before I bombard you with pictures.

I was horribly late with my Christmas mail, and only sent it out a few weeks ago. Among the bounty included five handmade aprons.

I started planning them in October, and finished them in December. Not being able to just walk into a fabric shop and browse, I was limited, and had to settle for what fabrics I could find online. It also meant I had to know exactly what I wanted to make before I even saw the fabric. I picked up a few little things like buttons and trims when I went to Warrnambool in November, which was my first time going into a fabric store for years, and mum helped track down the rest.

I wanted to make more, but I overwhelmed myself and ended up crashing and not even doing the matching oven mitts. I was planning on having them finished and in the post to arrive by Christmas, which shouldn't have been too hard, but obviously didn't happen. It took me two months to do what should've taken two weeks, at most.

I hope you guys haven't suddenly realized that I'm not that great a sewer, now you've seen them up close in person.

So, pictures! I've given them brief names in the time I was working on them, so here I have for you (in order of appearance): Daisies, Cherries, Cupcakes, Floral, and Oranges & Lemons aprons.

* * *

* * *

* * *

The bow is detachable. It took me over an hour to tie it just so. (and yes, it was originally going to be purple)

* * *

P.S, I tried to make them as one-size as possible, so I really, really hope I didn't offend anyone with bits being too long/short/big/small.



  1. Oh, they look like pretty little 50's dresses! The top one is just adorable!


    Great work!! Incidentally I love the bow in blue.

    Your sewing is really inspiring. It's a true gift.

  3. I LOVED my cherry one, to be honest I keep wearing it over leggings on the unit because I love it so much and I adore you to bits and I wish I could make everything better but I adore you and you mean the world to me and thank you for being there, I know that we are both struggling and I love how I know you are there for me just as I hope you know I am there for you even when words are failing us, you are always in my thoughts and I adore you to bits xxxx

  4. comment might be shitty because i'm tired. but I want to comment so there.

    "The past few weeks have been a mess. I don't know what I'm doing with myself. I feel so empty and lost and alone, I just want to retreat and isolate." then retreat and isolate my dear. don't do anything that might stress you out even more. you don't have to do anything if you don't want it. don't ever feel guilty for not doing something because your emotions aren't letting you. it's okay. it happens. I love you.

    oh my god when I can't sleep properly then...honestly, my whole day is ruined. I hope your sleeping schedule straightens out. i'd say maybe eating carbs before bed would help, but i think you already know that anyway.

    " It took me two months to do what should've taken two weeks, at most." and that's okay. it happens. don't beat yourself up over it, honey. what would take you two weeks would take me two years.

    oh, Daisies - i love the little and big flowers contrast. very nice! YOUR DRAWING IS SO CUTE ahhhhhhh man

    Cherries - the cherries are so chique. i agree w/ the whole 50's dresses thing that CP said. i can totally see it. i can see a blonde haired chick that wears matte red lipstick, with huge eyes in one of those. veeeery eloquent!

    Cupcake - aw my god, this one is so cute!

    Floral - THE BOW IN THIS ONE IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. it really adds a touch. this one looks more of a dress than it does an apron.

    Oranges & Lemons - very nice colours.

    maaaaaan, you're so cute. i absolutely love you. i hope you're feeling well and doing well. ah! maybe when i somehow sort out this huge credit card issue i can send you something (of course, not something I've sewed. man, God knows that 5-6 years from now, if i ever become a surgeon - i'd just send you pictures of stitching i did on a patient. xD)

    -Sam Lupin

  5. Sending you lots of love, my dear Bella.
    <3 Lee

  6. Dear Bella,
    These aprons are lovely. I, too, am going through an unusually rough patch. I have received your card and key chain - thank you so much. The keychain is part of my keys already. I am so sorry to be so far behind in mailing you. It's almost more than I can manage to get through each day. I just want to reassure you that I do have a card and gift for you, and that you have not been forgotten. Thank you so much for your patience. You're a shining angel in my eyes.

  7. You're talented, they are so cute and pretty!

  8. Don't sell yourself short, you're amazingly talented sewer! (This is coming from someone who has been sewing her whole life and worked in a university drama department costume shop.)

  9. These are fabulous Bella, you have a real talent! Sending you all my love xxx

  10. Bella, sweetheart, take your time, and don't feel obligated to do anything.
    These are gorgeous Bella! And so are your sketches (I suck at using coloring pencils)
    They are all beautiful but I loved the cherry one best :3 and the florals!
    Hope you're feeling better sweetie <3 take care of yourself.


  11. Oh wow Bella, they are the cutest ever!! You're so talented xx

  12. Oh. My. God. They are so cute!!! You really know your way with a needle wow.
    I *started* a sewing project like.... 2 years ago? I'm making a coat. Hopefully you'll inspire me to take it up again ^^

    Take care lovely :)