Friday, 7 April 2017

Finding my Feet

My GP came for a home visit on Monday. After a chat, we did go for a short walk, as she's trying to help me build up to be able to walk to regular appointments. It was just 200 meters, down to the corner of the block and back, but for me, it's a lot. The thought of doing it alone makes me panic. Baby steps, though.

I've also got even more antibiotics and cortisone to help the pressure wounds heal, but to be honest, I've barely touched them. Taking antibiotics is something I've always struggled with – some weird form of self-neglect and/or punishment. So the pressure wounds on my feet from the last overdose are healing very slowly. I've not been able to do step aerobics for a month now, which is driving me nuts, and have only just started walking laps around the house again without hobbling.

She's doing another home visit in a few weeks, and the dietician will stop by occasionally on Tuesday after she's finished at work. So hopefully losing transport to appointments won't be quite as devastating as it could've been.

Also, I'm pleased (and greatly relieved) to report that Bill's surgery went well, and he's recovering nicely.

His surgery was last Friday, and for the eight hours he spent at the vets, I was worried sick, waiting for the phone to ring. Each hour that passed made me more and more anxious.

A few nights before the surgery, I broke down, hysterical about his health and his age, worrying that I've not done enough for him, that I haven't loved him as much as I could. I was still feeling a sort of pre-emptive grief from the few days there was talk of having to say goodbye.

The poor boy knew something was up. Usually, he runs out to the car and is happy to go to the vets. This time, he wouldn't move off the porch, and I had to carry him out to the car, where he sat shaking on my lap the whole time. At the vet, mum went to drop him in while I waited in the car. Again, he wouldn't move. He even climbed up on put his head on my shoulder. He used to do that all the time as a puppy, but he hadn't done it in a long time. It's the closest you can get to a hug.

We all thought he wouldn't have any teeth left when he came home, but it turns out it wasn't quite so bad. He had more teeth left than the vet thought, considering he wouldn't let anyone have a close look. Dogs have 48 teeth to start with. The vet drew a handy diagram of the 20 teeth he'd had removed (over several surgeries) in the past, the 14 they removed that day, and the 14 he had left.

I was worried about how he'd recover, how much pain he might be in, and how I'd cope with it. When we picked him up, he was so excited and energetic. Since then, he's just slept and slept. There's no doubt he's more comfortable now than before the surgery, even though he's still healing. 

I know I probably should've posted earlier, but I've been so worried something would go wrong or complications would pop up. Amazingly enough, his mouth hasn't even bled once, which we were told to expect. He had his follow-up appointment today, and everything is healing perfectly. There are no words for how relieved I am!

This fortnight's groceries – the bare essentials, after I found out about the surgery. 
Watermelon is always my No. 1 essential. 
That said, I always have lots of stew and soups in my freezer for evening meals.

His little paw print bandage from the IV



  1. I miss Vanilla Coke Zero too. I haven't seen it here in years. I have DIYed my own but somehow it's not the same... The ginger Pepsi max is amazing though! It is basically a cross between pepsi max and ginger beer! I'll drink nothing else now! Haha! I do miss proper ginger beer but haven't had it in years. I'm still weird about liquid calories, although I'm slowly getting better, so maybe one day.

    I did solve the breadcrumb issue in the end! Wholemeal breadcrumbs don't bind, white does! Since I've been using white bread for breadcrumbs I've had no problems! I do tend to dry out the bread in the oven before rubbing it into crumbs. I prefer doing it by hand, it's a great de-stressing activity! I also leave it out to get nice and stale too (and make sure it's away from plastic so it doesn't go green! Haha!) But yeah, I think I am slowly getting good at the whole breadcrumb thing now.

    I'm really glad it went well and he's recovering ok! It's horrible when pets get ill. It's funny the vet thing, I remember our old cat always making a real fuss when he went to the vet, aside from the time he was really ill, when he was really well behaved because I think he knew the vet was going to make him better. Glad he's got some teeth left too. I didn't realise dogs had so many!

    Also glad you managed to go for that walk, suppose it'll be good to have that independence if you get used to it again. It does suck to be trapped at home.

    It's really good of them to do home visits! I'm glad you are still getting support.

    I have been having those epic choux buns every day recently! Haha! They're my current obsession! Might have a go at choux pastry when I'm at my folks next (although I did tell my dad I'd do tiramisu, but hey! I can do two things!)


  2. I'm glad to hear your dog's surgery went well! Pets are like family and we worry about them just the same. Hopefully he'll continue to recover and be better than before!

    And oh yes, definitely watermelon! It's not quite the right season for them here but I do love a sweet, cold, juicy watermelon!

  3. Thinking of you and your pup and sending magic and healing vibes. SO PROUD OF YOU FOR YOUR WALK!

  4. I was so happy to come back to blogger and find that your dear pup is doing better.
    And that you're going for small walks outside the house?! That's absolutely amazing hun and I am so proud of you.
    Take care of yourself dear, we need you around ;)
    XOXO Katie

  5. So happy to hear he is okay and in turn that you are okay. I'm proud of you for going for that small walk, awesomeness. I struggle to get out my door as well, I'm getting there too though, slowly *hugs*

  6. I am really glad to hear that he is doing good. I do hope he recovers quickly and without any complications! :)