Monday, 16 May 2016

Newest Sewing Projects

In slightly unrelated news, last week I finally finished the apron I was making for the dietician.

In December, my local fabric store had this gorgeous Japanese printed cotton. I'd seen a couple I'd liked before, but when I asked mum to pick me up a sample scrap, they were all too light. This was the first one that was a suitable weight, and I couldn't resist the vibrant colours. Having seen her taste in fashion every week for the past four years, I knew she'd love it (or at least, I hope she will).

It might be a little belated for a Christmas gift, but between my health, both physical and mental, and juggling the contents of my sewing room around the house while I repainted (which is finally done, after unexpectedly needing more paint), I haven't been able to sew as much as I'd like.

I'm still working on drafting and sewing a few of my own patterns - a nightie and pyjama shorts, a few camisoles, trackies - which is a new experience for me. Hopefully once I have everything back in place in my 'new' sewing room, now that it's finally painted, I'll be able to dedicate more time to it (it's been gutted completely, right down to the furniture, so I currently have a blank slate).

I even made a matching oven mitt (which I've always intended to make with aprons, but never have).

I've also still been slowly working away on my "Shearing at Newstead" tapestry. I've spent over 80 hours on it in the past two years, and I'm not even halfway done. I think I underestimated the enormity of the project.

I also wanted to share this picture that I got from the lovely Katie Elizabeth a couple of months ago. Last year, I sent her a couple of little dresses for her beautiful baby girl. It was such a joy to see her wearing her little sailor dress. My only regret is that I didn't have time to make matching headbands.



  1. Aw Bella
    The photo of the baba is adorable!
    You must be so proud to see her in your creations
    I've said it before
    And I will say it again
    You are so very talented
    That is an amazing skill to have
    It's a proper trade
    And you do it do well
    I still get such a kick out of wearing the apron you made for me
    And have had many compliments on it

    I'm glad you are getting some sewing done
    Doing what we love is food for our souls

    I'm hoping to get a card in the post for you this week Hun
    Just been so busy lately

    Love ya x

  2. Your talent never ceases to amaze me! You really have a rare and true gift. Keep at it! xoxo

  3. THAT DRESS I need to have babies so you can clothe them.

    The apron is gorgeous.

  4. Wow! I love it! I really need to get sewing again, but my tables upstairs and my sewing machine is downstairs and it requires negotiating two flights of stairs which is EFFORT, plus I'm sure it would be an accident waiting to happen. I'll make landlord ex do it! Haha!

    But yeah, you have real talent!

    I noticed you made carrot cake after I made mine! Great minds eh? But yeah, it's always been my favourite. I didn't know you could slice it and have it with butter. I must try that sometime. This one was made with caster sugar, from a recipe I found on bbc food, but I have made them with muscovado sugar before. But this one was all nice and light, and I added spices and everything!

    I already use that app, but it took me a while to realise you could upload them to Instagram. I got round to getting Instagram three years ago when I got my first iPhone (I was using Nokias way longer than it was probably acceptable to!) but yeah, I'm totally hooked. It makes my crap photography look relatively cool because I can add all filters and shit!


  5. Your work is amazing! I am in love with that apron and matching oven mitt. And the sailor dress is too cute!

  6. Your sewing is amazing and that sailor dress is adorable!


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  8. I love seeing all your sewing! I'm a sewer myself but because I've been moving so much lately I haven't had my machine. I LOVE the apron! It's adorable!