Friday, 25 April 2014

Cough, gag, puke

I've nearly finished the sewing project I started back in November, the 1880s dress. It's not quite finished yet, but I'm getting there, slowly. I've been doing a bit of hand sewing this week while stuck on the couch, and I've got the 'structure' of the dress done, I guess. I've just got to do the buttons, hem, and put on lots of lace and bows, and find a brooch so the collar sits properly, but it's basically done, so I thought I'd share some progress pics. 

Sorry for the bad lighting. It's usually much earlier in the day when I take sewing photos and I've only just finished it, but I wanted to share anyway. Better pictures when it's 100% finished. 

I'm still feeling icky... Some days aren't so bad, some days are awful. At night I wake up every hour, either because I'm coughing or freezing from the fever-sweats. Thankfully my fever hasn't really been getting up to 40°c anymore and I'm not in too much pain, but yesterday was awful. I was stuck on the couch all day with a fever of 38°c. A couple of hours after falling asleep, I woke up suddenly and was violently ill for the next hour. My body just kept retching long after my stomach was empty. After I eventually got back to sleep, I woke up at 2am and got up to take some painkillers and have a quick smoke. Bad idea. One puff, cough, cough, gag, puke up painkillers, collapse back on the couch.

Today hasn't been much better. I wasn't feeling so bad on Tuesday so I didn't make a doctors appointment. I don't know if it'll just pass or if it's an infection or what. I'm already seeing my GP next week though so it's fine. I would've been lucky to get an appointment this week after the long weekend anyway.

I was home alone again on the weekend. It was nice to have some quiet time on the couch. I spent most of it marathoning Futurama and Disney movies because I couldn't focus on much more than that, though I still have ED documentaries to work my way through. I haven't worked out for nearly two weeks except for an hour on Saturday which is killing me, but at the same time it's nice to not have to stress about it.
Oh, and another piece of excitement (for better or worse) was that mum bought me an Easter egg. It was a sweet thought, but it led to a total meltdown because I really wasn't expecting it, and I ate it, and ugh, it was all just bad. 

I think that's about it for now... Thank you guys for your messages and well-wishes throughout the week. Sorry I have less and less to say as time goes by. 



  1. what. wait.
    Bella. i cannot wait until i see this done! *w* this looks positively astounding.
    *le sigh* bad Bella. no smoking when you have a chest infection.
    i associate fevers with being fever sick. it's the sweaty feeling of being flushed whilst still cold somewhat. i just associate that feeling with being very sick. :( do take care of yourself, lovely.
    don't stress about it. it's not relevant. that's one thing i will keep telling you. stressing your body at the current moment will prolong your sickness and prolong the time you need to go through before you can exercise.
    "Sorry I have less and less to say as time goes by." HOLD UP THERE BELLA. you really don't have to say anything when you think about it. write what you are comfortable with, m'dear. this blog is for you and for you to vent your frustrations. even if that is the same thing all the time (i recall a post with you saying you're sorry for being a broken record), honey. this is your blog. if we don't like what you say, we can unfollow you but considering we're still around...yeah. we still want to hear from you. <3

    i love you, Bella.
    take care.
    try not to stress too much about the exercise thing.
    try not to smoke too much.
    i hope that your stomach is settling down.
    i love you again.

    -Sam Lupin

  2. ah love you are so talented! It's going to look even more amazing when it's totally finished :)

    Disney movie marathons are the best medicine in the world in my opinion ;) big favourite over here! I am so worried about you. Please take care of yourself darling. Praying that you recover quickly xx

  3. The dress is just wow! you are soo talented hon :)

  4. That sounds like hell T_T I hope you feel better soon hun. Take care <3

    That dress is amazing. I love old-style clothing. I wish people still dressed like that ^_^ Have you ever considered fashion design?

  5. Wow that dress is fantastic! So beautiful <3
    Ah I didn't have to face the Easter stress, being vegan (also I was away camping).
    I hope you feel better soon lovely xx

  6. ahhhhhhhhhh
    i like that dress. it's so frackin beautiful. dang. i wish i could like ,stay focused on one project long enough to finish it. (i always come up with these great ideas... like once, i tried crocheting a tiny ninja army. all three inches tall. stopped after the first guy... but i never finish it because i get another idea that's equally great and possibly even greater, but i guess i never find out because i don't finish them.) hurrr.

    but damn, girl. you're so talented. i like it. i like it a lot. meow. i'm sorry you're still feeling bleah. that's no good. rest up, recover! take care of yourself. get well soon! xx love ya, bella

  7. Your dress is fabulous, despite the less-than-ideal lighting. You are so talented, my dear! Have you ever considered sewing anything and opening a store on Etsy? (And don't roll your eyes at me, missy! I am a super knitter and people are always asking me the same question, so I feel you if you're tired of it. I am lazy about keeping my store up to date, but it is fun to sell a few things now and then, even if I would rather dedicate my time to knitting for my friends/family/myself)

    Annnnnyway! How are you feeling? I hope you're feeling better by now. I've been a bit sick too and it's such a drag to feel depleted of energy.

  8. Your sewing looks so nice! wonderful work :) Sorry you've been feeling sick, I hope you can find something to help you sleep soon. Facing danger foods can be really tough, sorry you had a rough go at it. And thank you for your comments on my blog recently, you've been so nice to me.


  9. i am very very afraid i'm going to forget to say this tomorrow so i'll just say it today.
    happy early birthday, angel
    [better to write this now and you reading it tomorrow since it's like 6-10+PM there]. you Australians and your horrible time zones. i only really "know" that Sydney and Melbourne exist in Australia and everything else just confuses me.
    it's the thought that counts.
    so yeah. happy birthday, Bella. :)

    -Sam Lupin