Sunday, 16 November 2014

Pick Up the Tatters and Make Something New

This morning I put the finishing touches on my Tatters and Rags skirt. So, naturally, this afternoon I spent some time trying to get some photos of it.

There are 20 rows containing a total of 598 scraps (yes, I counted every single one). The bulk of the skirt is linen, with bits of suiting and polysilk lining for contrast.

Even though it was supposed to be a slack and simple project, it took forever. This was my first time drafting a real pattern (for the actual skirt and waistband) except for simple, purely mathematical things like circle skirts. It's taken a little over two months to complete from the day I started sketching it until now, but considering I haven't been working on it regularly, I'm pretty happy with it.

In other news, my dietician asked the pharmacist about supplements this week. I can get a calcium powder, but she forgot to ask about vitamin D, so I'm still waiting on that. As for the iron, both she and the pharmacist agree that injections would probably be the best option so we can avoid the challenge of oral intake for at least one of them. I'm still uncomfortable with the idea of willingly putting those nutrients into my body, but at least with injections I wouldn't have to swallow it every damn day.

I also caught a cold earlier in the week and have been feeling quite yuck. After much persuasion from my mother, I saw my GP on Friday morning, just to get it checked out. I told her it mostly just feels like a cold, but my breathing is very noisy so she's put me on antibiotics (yes, more) just in case.

Okay, pictures. Sorry for the spam - I can never choose just a couple.

Self-covering buttons are my new love
I had to handsew an extra scrap onto the last row, hence the
awkward '43' and '598'



  1. That skirt is stunning Bella, you are so talented. I can't see a button to a shirt. That's great about the powdered supplements especially if you have trouble taking them. I've been slack with vitamines and haven't been taking them as regularly as I should.
    Hope you get better soon x

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  3. Wow! That is super pretty. I can't imagine the patience you need to put together all those tatters. Blessings.

  4. Bella! Such a lovely skirt!
    I want to make one of these but I won't have the time or patience. You don't hem the scraps, do you? Mine are all cotton and they'd probably fray.
    Good to hear about the injections. Do they hurt? I'm not scared of needles (poked myself with one all too often) but this one time a nurse made me drink some sort of liquid before taking an injection.
    Everyone's catching colds - my whole family is sick, except me :P get well soon! My breathing is always noisy - I have this weird genetic thing where when I'm cold, oxygen doesn't travel to my head quickly enough, so I take deep breaths with my mouth quite often. And I get dizzy. Not really good during a lesson :/
    I love your tights :3


  5. That skirt is really awesome! I love it!
    Do you think this anti depressant has been helping? I think it has. Just lately you've seemed a little better! Never mind the mini breakdown, we all have those lol. Overall it seems the picture is much brighter.

    Good idea about the vitamin injection. Very Hollywood!


  6. so beautiful!! I love you and hope you're doing well dear!

  7. Your legs!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH. <3
    You're so perfect. xxx

  8. It always amazes me how skilled of a seamstress you are! Love it! I love you.

  9. You're not spamming us, Bella! Those pictures are wonderful! Thank you for sharing another of your stunning creations. By the way, I shot you an e-mail a few days ago with my addy, so do get back to me :) I'd love to be Christmas card buddies! I've been on antibiotics and steroids for two weeks now trying to fight two viral infections and a bacterial infection... Yuck. I hate feeling yucky! You look stunning in your photos, and I can't say enough how much I adore your little legs. On the other hand, though, I certainly do not think they need to be any smaller. And your calves look lovely! Try to take care of yourself. I know you don't want to orally ingest the nutrients, but you do need them. I hope the injections work out. LOVE you, dear! XO Calla

  10. i am always so impressed with your sewing Bells! thank you for sharing pictures. I'll send you a picture of my new toy (early birthday prezzie from myself). I think you'll approve. :) xo

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