Monday, 14 October 2013

Circle Skirt

finally finished skirt #2, my fourth sewing project, yesterday. 

For this one, I made the same waistband as my last skirt, then drafted a circle skirt instead of the tapered panel skirt. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I'd forgotten how much I adore the simple circle skirt.

It took me about 5-6 weeks to make, opposed to one week for my last skirt. Depression isn't conducive to productivity, obviously. The zipper alone took me several weeks, constantly re-doing it, and it's still not perfect.

You'll have to excuse my bland fabrics. I'm very much a 'black' kinda girl (as if you all didn't know that already), and I'm rebuilding my wardrobe starting with the basics. Not to mention, it's hard to browse for fun fabrics when you can't go to the store yourself.

It's still a novelty to have clothes that actually fit. I kinda regret giving up sewing for nearly three years, but it was worth waiting until I stopped losing/gaining/losing massive amounts. I'm now a stable size 4AU, and not planning on gaining anytime in the foreseeable future. I don't think I've mentioned before, but at my natural weight, I wore a size 12AU (sometimes even a 14). 

Not much else to say for now, I just wanted to share these pictures with you all. Sorry for the crappy photo quality; I really need a new dress form. 
I'm still waiting on my GP to write me a new prescription. She called the next day, saying she wanted to consult someone before prescribing me anything new, and I'd hear back early next week. Which isn't a bad thing, and in the big picture it makes no difference, but it's made this weekend seem endless. 

Wishing all you lovely ladies a pleasant week ahead. 



  1. I absolutely LOVE the waistband on that skirt! I'm so happy you are getting back into sewing! It was one of my goals this year and I just didn't make it happen. I wear a lot of black as well, mainly because it goes with everything! I think it's a great color and can always be spiced up with colorful accessories ;)

  2. The skirt is lovely. I admire your sewing talent as its one of those skills I never mastered but always dreamed of. Keep up the good work, your wardrobe will be stocked with unique items in no time!

    Wishing you all the best hunn. Take care of yourself.

  3. Great work, hun! Looks fabulous! Congratulations and keep it up :)
    Lena xx

  4. I absolutely love your skirt and I'm envious that you can be so patient and devoted to sewing. As I've said before, I loath sewing so basically you're a bad ass. I hope things go okay with your meds and you find something that works.
    Don't forget that you're absolutely beautiful and I love you to the moon and back.

  5. I wish I had your patience with sewing... I like it but I want everything 'right now!' so there's so room for mistakes, but because I make it so fast, there will be mistakes and then I just kinda toss the whole thing. That looks gorgeous... and you're gorgeous which makes you having that skirt on dangerously gorgeous combination!
    (yea, I wonder the same question how are your meds treating you?)
    Stay positive and sew more! <3

  6. Waist band looks so beautiful. You have a very good sewing talent. Keep going...

  7. I love it! This is exactly the kind of this I would wear swing dancing.

  8. loving you're gorgeous little black skirt you talented little missy you :P
    can I come hide with you and boo and you teach me to sew? xx

  9. Beautiful!! I wish so badly I could sew like you! I'm always blown away by your sewing projects!

  10. The fact that you like made that is absolutely amazing...I can't wrap my head around it. O_O

  11. Beautiful Bella
    So beautiful
    As I have told you before you are are so talented
    So gifted
    Even though anorexia may tell you otherwise you have so much to live for

    Thinking of you today dearest x

  12. I'm so sorry if this comes up twice, I think I commented then deleted it or something?! Haha I'm so stupid sometimes!

    I just wanted to say, you're so talented Bella! This skirt is exquisite! I love the black fabric you've used, with a lovely sheen on it - what is it? And the waistband is stunning!

    Keep sewing, Bella, I think you're remarkable at it, and I think it's doing you good!

    Much love and hugs to you

  13. Such a lovely skirt! You're very talented! xxx