Friday, 6 September 2013

If the skirt fits

I finished sewing my skirt late on Wednesday. I only got around to taking photos this morning, but that happens. 

So here it is, my third sewing project. Even though I didn't work on it everyday, it only took me about a week to complete. Overall I'm pretty happy with the result. 

I haven't found any other patterns I like in my size yet, and I really adore the waistband on this, so I'm going to stick with this pattern for now and buy some more fabric. I have a couple of different variations in mind, so hopefully it'll keep me distracted for a while. 

Just a short post for today, not much to say. I went to the dentist yesterday for the first time in four, maybe five years. That's very unusual for me, I used to be the 6-monthly-checkup type. But it wasn't too bad; I only needed one filling with no anesthetic, which was apparently caused by my "fashion accessories" (that's what he calls my piercings), and a smoker's stain cleaned off. The rest of the week has just been the same old monotony, but I thought I'd share these pictures anyway. 

The last two photos are just of the lining and details, but I'm putting them up anyway incase anyone's interested. I'm pretty proud of the zipper; normally I struggle with them. 



  1. Bella, wooowww! This is awesome, I love the wide waistband and the paneling, especially the little square ones right at the hips, very flattering. Your construction could put some kids in my school in their place. On a variation, maybe try color blocking the waist band or some of the panels? For some reason I think this would look good in like a deep emerald or a wine red, very big for fall. Wait it's spring sure what spring-y colors you'd like lol. But it's great dear, I want one. I love you hon, I'm glad you braved the dentist, I can't stand it, so you have more guts than me. <3

  2. Omg Bella~ That looks amazing! When did you first learn to sew by the way? Have you ever thought about taking it as a professional job?
    You are such a talented young lady :)
    xoxo <3

  3. You are super talented, Bella! I really love this! I should have paid you to do my 4-H projects haha. I can't wait to see the others! You never cease to amaze me with your skills. I love you. :D

  4. Beautiful! When are we going to see you on Project Runway Australia?

  5. Wow! That skirt is amazing. You're so talented! Xx

  6. You are multi talented young lady
    Your skill is in high demand
    The skirt is beautiful
    I hope it motivates you to do some more dress making

    Lots of love sweetheart x

  7. Omg, you have so much talent! That skirt looks amazing!! You have sewed it all so nicely and neatly!! I'm literally in awe (stupid Rayya why don't I have any talents!!) seriously Hang I there I hope things are going ok love you xxx

  8. Gorgeous, just gorgeous Bella!

    One day I can see you as a world-famous fashion designer!
    Love and hugs xxx

  9. Gorgeous skirt! I'm amazed by your skills, seriously! Glad to hear the dentist went well! I often wonder if going every 6 months is really necessary. I didn't have any problems when a while back without having gone for years before that too!

  10. Hey, what a cute skirt, I like the waistband. I agree with the above comments, you are so talented, it's awesome :)
    Alice xx

  11. The fact that you made that is amazing... like, I have no words for how impressed I am.

  12. Ugh girl!!! You are so talented!! Love the skirt :) looking forward to seeing more of your projects xx