Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Gorgeous Girl

What a week.

On Sunday morning our beloved 16 year old family dog, Silky, passed away. At 9:15am she was curled up in bed and everything was fine, until she suddenly became very ill and distressed. Within 10 minutes my brother, mum and I were with her at the emergency clinic. They think she had some sort of neurological episode. By 10:30, our beautiful Silky was asleep in our arms. It was the second time I've ever seen my brother cry, and the most upset I've ever seen mum. Everything was so sudden and unexpected, and now she's gone. I was looking into her eyes the moment she passed away, and it's something I'll never forget.

So the last few days have been hard on our little family, and we're trying to support each other as best we can. It's even little things, like if mum says she wants Japanese take-out and a strong drink, I'll mix drinks and grab the menu and try not to cause a fuss (hence the weight gain). I've basically just been trying to keep my shit together, because my family doesn't need to deal with my crap right now. Everything's building and my head still isn't right at all, everything's getting worse.

And obviously I put off weighing myself this week. I'm not coping with anything and this week really wasn't the time to weigh myself at home. I'm hoping this week's gain will disappear as quickly as it came though, and I definitely won't be indulging the night before a weigh-in again.

Rest in Peace, Silky, our gorgeous girl



  1. im so sorry to hear about your puppy :(

    i'll keep you in my thoughts hun
    stay strong lady .
    dont let a few pounds get you down youre beautiful!

  2. Oh I'm so sad for you!! Pets are SO hard to lose. ♥

  3. My heart hurts for you my dear. I'm sorry for your loss. That's so hard. And a slight gain is ok and it's good that you're not freaking out about it. Hopefully it goes away quickly.

  4. I'm so sorry dear. Growing up in the country we had many animals and they would die unexpectedly or get old or get into something they shouldn't. It's never easy. Especially when you have them for so long. Be strong. 16 was a great amount of years for her to live. <3 hugs

  5. That bought a tear to my eye. I have four dogs and I often think "I have no idea how I'd cope if I lost one", I'm sorry for the loss xxx

  6. I am so sorry for your loss hun. As skylar mentioned above, I too would have no way of copping with the loss of my baby. Stay strong and consider the beautiful years you've had with her. Not too many get to share 16yrs with a furry friend. Don't worry about the gain, fluctuations are normal in times of grief.

  7. Oh my god, i'm so sorry :( I know how hard an animal death can's tragic..Keep supporting eachother <3 And we'll support you xx

  8. Aw I'm so sorry to hear about your little dog Silky, I hope you and your family are doing okay. Take care sweetie <3
    Alice xx

  9. :( ugh this is so sad to hear. It's awful losing such a wonderful pet and family member. I'm glad you were all able to be there with Silky. Take care of yourself :(

  10. So sorry to read this Bella
    I have two dogs so I know how close we can become to them

    Take care of you
    Sorry for the lack of comments, I'm a bit of a mess

    Love you x

  11. Sorry to hear about Silky. It's awful when a pet passes. Look after yourself <3 xx

  12. Sorry for your loss! This past summer my family said goodbye to our 16 year old pup too. It's very difficult. Just remember all the milestones in your life that Silky was there for. My old dog and I grew up together. The memory is enough to keep me smiling!

    Hang in there, chick. <3

  13. im so sorry to hear about your dog. she looked like a cute, good, little pet. <3

    stay lovely. <3

  14. I'm so sorry to hear what happened to your dog. I know just how hard it is to lose a dog, and she was so cute as well. I'm sorry, that wasn't very appropriate.

  15. im so sorry i suck at the moment and i love you and your comments and im so grateful and im so sorry for being crap. i hope the past few days havent been too unbearble and i hope you find some peace. mania still in gull swing or passing? xxxxx