Thursday, 31 January 2013

I escaped the wrath of the scales on Tuesday, and was instead met with mercy. My weight has started to drop back down again, after two weeks of no losses.

The dietician was sweet as always. She asked about my goals for 2013 and I cringed. "I guess I haven't really thought about it". Which is true, kinda. I see things more on a weekly or monthly basis. I've had my bloods taken just this morning, and I'm seeing the lovely GP when she gets back next week. Finally.

For this week, I have every meal planned. I'm aiming for under 700 this week, and maybe next week I'll try going back up to 800 calories. It all depends on the scales. So far today, I've had a slice of toast and some yoghurt for breakfast, and a bowl of tomato soup with an apple for lunch. In a few hours I'm going to make a smoothie, then cook fish with potato and salad for dinner. With a Special K bar before bed, I'll finish the day at around 650 calories. Anything under 800 should lead to a loss, while keeping me somewhat physically stable. Not the world's fastest weight loss, but slowly shrinking nonetheless.

The last two weeks have been so erratic with my eating patterns, it'll be good to have some sort of routine back (though I did make a stew and have a few glasses of wine on Tuesday). I'm starting to panic about the GP next week, but it's the only way to get my head sorted out. I can't think straight, and at the moment I'm just trying to stay afloat until I can.



  1. Hey love you sound like you're doing somewhat better (?) which makes me very happy to hear. I think you're staying on track just fine. All healthy stuff your body can use to try and carry out the day to day stuff. Make sure you're taking care of you and not forgetting the vitamins. Mom comment over. :D
    lots of love dear!

  2. Sounds like a lot of lovely healthy food to me :) Smoothies are the best!
    I'm aiming for a similar calorie count for February. Slow weight loss is always better than no weight loss, I always think, even though it can be frustrating.
    Take care of yourself sweetie

  3. I'm glad that your dietition was sweet to you. And your intake sounds wonderful. Sounds like you're doing better with your eating. Congrats on that. Stay strong dear.

  4. congratulations on the loss! and good luck with your plan, it sounds like youre eating good food to fill up the numbers too. and getting back into routine is always nice!

    stay lovely. <3

  5. I really hope you are okay, and that you've managed to see the GP and that the dietician was okay? I know its all overwhelming, but if you feel able, I'd love to know that you are okay, or how you are doing xxxx

  6. Lol you are kidding yourself if you think all that is only 650. No wonder you are a porker!