Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year, New Food Diary

So, the New Year is here at last. I haven't made any resolutions, but I did get a new food diary for the year.

My 'official' record is an app on my phone, with every item precisely weighed and counted. Though I also keep a simple hand-written record of what I've eaten. Just times, meal descriptions, and total calories - portion sizes and long ingredients lists stay in my app.
I've previously just used spiral bound notebooks and scribbled in them with blue pens, but after so long it was becoming an eyesore. I wanted something more neat and organized. Now it matches my journal perfectly - except my journal has a red cover.

Food Diary: Monthly
I'm still eating between 500-600 calories a day, which is maintaining my blood sugars while giving me fairly steady weight loss. I'm planning on doing an at-home weigh in during the next month or so, just once to see where I'm at. It's been nearly 7 months since I've seen an accurate number, after all.
I need to disappear, and I want to know how I'm progressing.
I don't want to get upset at the number, or make a habit of weighing myself too regularly, but I think it'll be okay. I'm going to discuss it with my dietician first, though.

Writing about how I'm feeling and what's happening isn't helping at all, so I'm trying to avoid it completely. Writing/talking is distressing at the moment, no matter what the subject, and every post & comment is taking embarrassingly long to write. It's completely ridiculous, because there's no reason to feel so distressed. There never is, but I always am. So forgive me if I'm a little vague.

But I'm feeling optimistic about losing weight this year, especially after having maintained for so long.
2013 is my Year to Disappear.

Food Diary Cover, to match my Journal


  1. That diary is very pretty too :-) thank you for my comment :-) yeah it was my epic walks that gotme into trouble last year, because it got very obsessive and like I would walk double wha I walked today every day for weeks and my gp could tell the difference and it was fab, just need to be careful not to binge because of crazy deficits, so Im trying not to gt quite so obsessive until I'm more controlled :-) I hope the pound I gained goes soon too, I think it will, it wasn't a whole pound either, more 3/4 so I'm psyched about losing more and getting back to where I was a while ago again. Eeeeeeeee. Looking forward to the parcel, honestly don't worry about it taking more time than you had hoped, it doesn't matter at all, I know you've been struggling a lot and I love you very much xxxxxx

  2. Your diary is very pretty :) I might keep a food diary too you have inspired me. I do worry about you wanting to disappear Bella :( Makes me sad because you seem such a lovely person. You keep safe lovely one and if you ever want to talk you always can. Lots of Love Lucie xx

  3. If you disappear, where are you going to go? :( I don't want that to happen - I want you to be full of life, not devoid of it.

  4. Please, please...disappear just until right before you're gone. I don't want you gone.

  5. Happy new year :) a new year is a fresh to start being strict and being happy! :) Xx

  6. My Beautiful Bella!
    I love your diary! I always enjoy taking resolutions and starting new things on New Year!
    I wish you a very happy New Year. 2013 will not see you disappear! I won't allow that! If you disappear, then we'll never be able to see your 2014 journal ! And the 2015, 2016 ... as well! Don't disappear, I love you xX