Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A busy day, for a change

Yesterday was a rare busy day for me. Between appointments and baking, my day seemed to disappear. 

The dietician appointment first thing was pretty standard. I've gotten my calorie intake back to my pre-hospital level (800-1,000), and she wants me to try staying there for another week. I feel like I've been stuck at the same intake for far too long. I'm losing sight of where I'm going, if anywhere. My weight went up slightly, but I didn't let it phase me too much. Fluctuations happen, as my dietician says. Gotta look at the overall trend. 

When I was chatting with the dietician, about to wrap things up, my lovely GP popped in to give me a flu shot. Oh, the joys of having a team forming at the same clinic. She came in right at the end of the appointment, then told me I had to sit and wait for 15 minutes, for observations. Mum and I convinced her to let us sit in the car, in view of reception. When mum had her flu shot, she told her GP she'd be "rebelling" and not waiting the 15 minutes. We sat in the now smoke-free car, and drove off after 7 minutes in a desperate hunt for coffee.

As I said in my last post, I declared yesterday mum's belated birthday. Her actual birthday was two weeks ago, on the 7th, but I was in too much pain to do anything. Both days were spent in-and-out of doctors' offices, but at least I was prepared for yesterday. We picked up muffins and coffee for breakfast on the way home from the dietician, and I spent the morning in go-slow mode. Lunch was Cheesymite scrolls and Milos (okay, non-Australians, I don't expect you to understand a word of what I just said). Then I whizzed into the kitchen and started assembling mum's cake. I got it done in a little over an hour, just in time to rush out to see the physician. 

The physician was nice. My breathing capacity's improved, from 30% initially to 60% now. We went through my blood tests, which showed little except a few diet-related lapses. My liver function was low, but we'll keep an eye on that. My iron is low, and my electrolytes are low for the first time in a long time. Mum asked if there was any indication as to what caused my lung issues, and he likened it to a bushfire. It goes through and destroys everything, and sometimes you never find any evidence remaining as to what caused it. He gave me a slip for yet another blood test in search of the underlying cause, and another script for antibiotics ("just in case"). 

He asked if I'd like to be referred on to yet another specialist, to help me specifically with my smoking. Apparently there's medications that block your cannabanoid receptors, so you won't get an effect if you try to smoke. He made it all sound very serious, and honestly, I'm hoping to quit weed the same way I'll quit tobacco. I don't need medication or a detox or group therapy. Next time I see him, in two months, I'll have proved that. Today was my first real butt-in-gear day with cutting back smoking. I've had a notepad set up with times and amounts for each time I smoke. My goal is to bring the total amount I smoke down a little bit each day. 

Here's mum's birthday cake. By her request, it's a chocolate caramel layer cake. It's three layers of sponge cake - caramel, choc-caramel and chocolate - sandwiched together with gooey caramel and frosted in chocolate ganache. It was also my first ever attempt at piping, so I'm not too dissatisfied. I ran the nutritional count on it, and the entire cake contains 9,000 calories. Thank god a tiny slice is more than enough. A tiny slice...

I'll have a photo of the cheesecake tomorrow. We started eating the less-presentable one first, as the recipe made up to two cheesecakes, but I'll get some photos tomorrow when I slice them up for the freezer. 



  1. Hey sweetie,

    In 2004 I travelled to London to do a detox
    My parents talked me in to getting a Naltraxone implant which is an opiate blocker that is implanted in to your side and if you use opiates, they just won't work. It lasts 6 months.
    For me it didn't really work, I did stay clean off opiates for 6 months but almost 6 months to the day I relapsed. I was getting nothing off the drugs but I kept using anyway.
    I definitely wouldn't do it again, it didn't stop me using and I probably used more to get a proper hit.

    But it's your decision and you seem to think it's not a good idea,
    Are you still smoking weed or just smokes?
    There is a lot of help to come off drugs that is not medication based
    Actually I think it's better to avoid meds as there is the possibility to get dependant on that.

    Hope this helped,

    Love you lots x

  2. This was a happy post to read! It sounds like you were quite positive? And I am thrilled that your breathing has improved to 60% - this is fantastic news for you! But I hope your bloods improve by the next time you get them done. Low electrolytes is not good news :(

    What are Cheesymite srolls and Milos? You're right - no idea!!

    You are so inspirationally strong with your quest to give up the cigarettes! This is so positive and I know you can do it! You have my 100% support!

    Your cake looks incredible! I love the way each layer changes colour from light to dark. You are so talented, and I'm sure your mum loved it!

    9,000...scary though!

    Loads of love xxx

  3. Yuuuuum! Now I want to try some! I haven't tried making layered cakes before but you make me think I should give it a go.

    I'm super happy to hear that you're feeling better dear! It's nice to read that you're doing well. Keep up the great work non quitting. I know it's hard. Several friends of mine struggled or didn't quit.

    <3 lots and lots of love!

  4. Wow 30% up to 60% is amazing! In only a few weeks? Something must be working. Oh, and speaking of birthdays, I have your gift, it's jusst a matter of shipping mom has been out of town so I don't really have a way of getting to the post office. Also I have no idea how long it takes to ship something to Australia from the States. Don't hate me for it being a month late but it will get to you. And wow you're a great cake decorator. I've never actually baked a cake, but that's really cool. I love the hearts on it, cute. I'm glad you and your mum have a good relationship it seems. she supports you in all that you go through...mine doesn't know anything, despite how much I'd love to trust her with stuff. We're okay I suppose, but I just don't want her to worry about me.

    Love you hon, try to keep with less smoking, more eating.

  5. Ah I'm so glad that your breathing seems to be getting better!

    That cake looks lovely... except for the caramel part lmao I hate that for some reason. >_< But hey, it's your mom's cake, so whatever makes you happy. =)

    Your mom sounds awesome... you're so lucky!

    I hope everything keeps getting better for you <3 You definitely deserve it.

  6. Hey, I'm so glad your breathing is getting better!
    Your cake looks gorgeous but 9,000 calories omg lol.
    Take care hun <3
    Alice xx

  7. I love the hearts! It does look very calorific though. I hope you were able to enjoy some without too much anxiety.
    I hope you continue to feel better; I'm so glad to hear that you're finally out of the hospital and not hurting all over anymore.

  8. Om om om, looks great! And I always look it up when you say something very Aussie that I don't understand. Long live wikipedia! :)

    That's great news, regarding your lung capacity. And I'm glad that you're getting serious about quitting smoking. You defs can do it and prove him wrong ;)