Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Status quo

Well, there it goes. Another birthday passed, another year disappeared, another year I don't feel any older. It's crazy how time flies.

I spent most of my birthday feeling too sick to move, my lungs stabbing at me. I was in bed by 6pm, with not so much as a single birthday drink. As for my birthday cake, I'd gotten as far as baking two layers, but I was in too much pain and simply didn't have the energy to finish it. My blood pressure's been low lately, and it makes me feel very weak on my feet. So I stretched it to today, baked the other two layers of the cake, and put the whole thing together a day late. I don't get many opportunities to bake big cakes, so it was fun even though exhausting. It's two layers of orange cake, two layers of chocolate cake, sandwiched with choc-orange frosting and coated in dark ganache. I didn't put much (any) effort into garnishing it, but oh well. It was still an impressive cake. All in all, I'm not unhappy with the result.

The dietician was lovely when I saw her yesterday. She wished me happy birthday, as did my GP when I passed her in the corridor. I wasn't feeling too great, so we kept things brief. I've managed 900-1,000 calories each day this week, and as a result my weight stayed the same. I know I've been at a similar intake for a few weeks now, but my dietician doesn't want to push me while I'm so sick. Fair enough, and I'm certainly not complaining.

Speaking of which, I was back at the GP this morning. Mum's been increasingly concerned about my cough and pains, so we were there first thing. I have to get a chest x-ray, as well as blood tests to find out more about the infection, both of which I'll get done tomorrow. I've had this chest infection for over a month, and I'd very much like for it to be gone soon. I don't think I've ever had an infection for this long before, and it's completely exhausted me.

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes via email and Facebook. Each and every one made me smile. Sorry I've been so horrible at commenting, and posting, while I've been sick.



  1. I hope you feel better soon lovely! Your cake looks fantastic! My birthday is in December for future reference. :P Huuuuuuge hug! I love you girl! Take it easy.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry that you're still sick, and I hope that you feeling better real soon! And that cake looks amazing, oh my goodness. Huge hugs your way xx

  3. Your cake looks completely and totally amazing!! It's so enormous! Must have taken so much work to bake, especially with you feeling so ill :( I'm so sorry to hear you're still so unwell and I really do hope that you are back on your feet and bouncing with energy very soon! Take lots of care! Hugs to you! Love xxx

  4. I'm sorry your birthday was a bit of a washout
    Hopefully this time next year you will be in a better place
    It sucks to feel so sick
    Just take good care of you
    Keep warm and comfortable

    Sending you a big birthday hug

    Love you x

  5. Happy belated birthday - though I'm terribly sorry that you felt so yucky.

    I hope you start feeling better very soon.

    The cake is beautiful!

  6. I got my 20 too! Happy birdhday:)
    Cute cake♥

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY LADY!!!! I will send you something, sometime, though I never got your email. I'm only 28 days away from 20!! Woot! I'm sorry you were sick all day, that's no fun. But that cake looks amazing!! I tried to bake a cake for my birthday once, but I was so worried about it that I baked it two days early, and I put it in the fridge to supposedly stay I turned really hard on the edges, so we could barely eat it except the middle part, but it looked really cool at least. Love ya hon, take care, hope this infection gets figured out soon.

  8. Happy Birthday darling and I'll know who to ring when I want a birthday cake ;) xxxxx

  9. The cake looks epic! I love you Bella, lots and lots, I hope the silly infection buggers off ASAP and leaves my little starshine alone xxx

  10. Hey Bella, happy birthday! Your cake looks gorgeous.
    I'm sorry to hear you're still sick, I hope you feel better soon darling.
    Take care <3
    Alice xx

  11. Happy late birthday!!!! And I agree, that cake is pretty dang impressive :). Isn't it strange how when our birthday's come we expect to feel different as we age, but it's never like that. For some reason we always feel the same! I'm sorry your felt bad on your b-day- I hope you start feeling back to your old self again because a month is too long to be dealing with a crappy lung infection! ♥

  12. D'aw happy belated birthday T_T

    I hope you feel better... you deserve it <3

    Very pretty cake ^_^

  13. Happy B'day! The cake looks great; simple and choc! That's all one needs! He he. It's great to hear you're doing better regarding intake. The stronger you become, the easier it will be to fight off flus and infections. Hugs from Melbourne :)

  14. Well done with the cake, Bella! And great job with the stable intake, I know it's silly, but I'm so proud of you :)
    Thanks for your last comment, can't wait to get my scale, haha!
    Much love xx

  15. Re-reading your posts. Happy birthday in advance =)
    I hope things get better (compared to this post) in your later posts
    Stay safe, lovely