Friday, 17 May 2013

The Lost Tourniquet

Things are finally calming down from my hospital admission. I don't feel as overwhelmed and scattered as I did when I first came home, and things are settling back into routine. 

I saw my GP yesterday, for my fortnightly double appointment. Most of it was catching up about my hospital admission. She hadn't received 'the letter' from my physician yet, so mum and I filled her in. About Bronchiolitis, my tests and treatment, my medication regime, my smoking. I asked about lorazepam, and she gave me a script for "when I have panic attacks". The problem isn't so much panic attacks, as it is a disabling, constant anxiety. She wants to keep me on paroxetine though, which I'm not happy with. I've been on it for 3+ months, and it hasn't helped at all, so I want to start weaning off it. 

She asked how the physician was, to which mum and I both said he was great. I have a follow up with him on Tuesday. I also told her about the funnier parts of my admission; like the 'stethoscope' iPhone recording, and "Where'd the tourniquet go?"

On my fourth day in hospital, by IV cannula needed to be replaced. The physician did it, so casually it was unbelievable. He sat next to me on my bed, picked up my arm, and tapped it from elbow to wrist. Then he swabbed the side of my wrist, told me to squeeze my hand into a fist a few times, and shoved a needle in. Tape, bandage, all done within 30 seconds.
He then looked around, confused ('innocently', as mum put it), and said "Where'd the tourniquet go?". 
"It's still on the trolley." said the nurse
We all cracked up laughing. Apparently I was the only one who noticed he didn't put the tourniquet on my arm. I know I have good, prominent veins, but still. It didn't hurt, was placed properly, functioned normally, has little-to-no bruising, and was pretty damn impressive.

I know I really need to get my butt into gear with the whole actually quitting smoking thing. Just cutting back won't do anything for me, and I know it. In hospital the physician's parting words to mum and I included "nothing noxious" in my lungs, and "zero tolerance" on smoking. Everything I smoke will I only cause my airways to become more inflamed and obstructed. I've been smoking about a third of what I was, but I've still been chain smoking most of the day. I know that he'll know the moment he knocks on my back, or listens to my "waking bat cave" of a chest in four day's time. 

My intake's bounced back to it's pre-hospital admission level of 800-1,000 calories. I've been eating around this much for months now, so that's fine. I still need to make a belated birthday/mother's day cake, as those days were spent in doctors' offices and hospital rooms. For now I'm being a couch potato, and relishing the time between appointments. 



  1. Isn't it a good feeling to finally be back home and in your routine of things? There's something calming about things being predictable and the way you like them!

    You must have some pretty awesome veins to get an IV with a tourniquet! (A I thought my veins were decent!) I really hope you're able to quit smoking soon- I hear it's a very difficult addiction to get rid of.

    Have you ever heard of vaping? I know we have it in the U.S., but I'm not sure about where you live. It's not a "quit smoking" thing, it's more of a smoking alternative. A few folks at my workplace do that and I'm trying to get my mom (a smoker since she was 16) into it! Maybe that's something you could try to help ween off the cigarettes?

    Good luck with everyhing and take care ♥

  2. I'm glad things are settling down for you Bella
    You need to rest and take it easy

    I'm also trying to quit smoking
    It's not even about the health benefits for me, I just can't afford it
    I'm so sorry that I ever started

    It's strange how we find humour even in our darkest hour
    Sometimes humour is the only thing that gets me through the day

    Take care of you dearest x

  3. Hello bella and boo,
    I'm glad you're home and everything is settling and calming down a little for you - when do you next see the dietician? is it tuesday, am I right?
    your messages on here and fb mean the world to me and I love you to bits, thank you for being amazing.
    also cutting back on smoking is still the right direction, and when there is so little to fill your days, i think it is a big step :-)


  4. I'm glad to hear things are getting back to normal. I also agree with Brit's comment above. We have these vapour electronic cigarettes in Canada to. I know of 10 smokers who've switched to these no problem.

    Maybe look into it for you and your mom (if they are available in your country)? They give you the nicotine with out the harmful chemicals. Worth a mention to your doc if smoking is forbiden and you still need your nicotine.

    Best of luck hunn. Take care of your self.

  5. I'm really glad you're starting to settle back in at home. I know how unnerving it is coming home from a hospital stay. I'm still not right. I hope you settle back in properly really soon! It sounds like you're doing well though!

    That's so funny about the tourniquet! You're lucky to have good veins. When I go into hospital, I have to have daily bloods done, and my veins are terrible! Most days I had to be wheeled over to A&E or the phlebotomy department to get bloods done! Nightmare.

    Well done for increasing your intake to what it was. I'm so proud of you! I hope you manage to relish your rest time, because you need it and deserve it! Take things steady, but keep going onwards and upwards! I believe in you! Take care, big hugs and lots of love! xxx

  6. Finally you'll be able to rest. :) smoking is tough to kick I hear, so good luck. Make the jump as quickly but as sanely as you can. Green apples are good for clearing lungs I've heard. Maybe you could try some?
    Maybe you could work on some of the anxiety too? I know it sucks when your meds aren't relevant or they just plain don't do anything.
    You are loved sweetie and I'm so glad to hear you're on the mend! I was worried! <3

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  8. Kicking the cigarette habit is rough, I just quit myself and it's so hard not to crack. But keep fighting and trying, it's worth it, you'll feel so much better without them!

  9. Aw I'm glad you're getting some rest <3

    Good luck with the smoking thing! I know it's crazy hard =3 But you can do it!


  10. So glad to hear that you're doing a bit better, hun. But you really do have to quit the smokes. :)
    Much love!