Friday, 26 July 2013

Crutches are my Cardio

I was at my GP on Wednesday morning, still unable to use my right foot. She said it was sprained, strapped it, and said that I shouldn't need an x-ray. Apparently I should be able to put weight on it in a few days, but I can't just yet. 

Mum went to the pharmacy late on Tuesday and bought a pair of crutches (it would've been the same price to hire them for just five days; by tomorrow they'll have paid for themselves), as I simply couldn't walk unassisted. Now, that was fun - hobbling around on crutches for the first time in my life, after two generous glasses of wine. Frankly it's a miracle I didn't injure myself further.

We rescheduled my appointment with the thoracic physician (again) for in two weeks' time. Moving around on crutches is exhausting, and has left me with bruised hands and underarms, not to mention the aching muscles. It's enough to help distract from the pain in my foot. I'm stuck in my armchair for most of the day, which is driving me nuts. I can't just move about the house because it takes so much strength to move myself around, I'm exhausted after walking 10 meters. 
But that's enough complaining from me. I've learnt my lesson about banging my foot on the ground.

Fun fact: according to MyFitnessPal, it burns twice the calories to walk using crutches compared to my usual slow stroll. That might explain the exhaustion.

Intake-wise, I haven't reached the 1,000 minimum calorie goal yet. I've been floating between 838-937, similar to last week, and that's far too much as it is. My head is struggling to cope with any of it. Today will end up around 700. I skipped lunch due to a meltdown, followed by a sudden bout of nausea, resulting in throwing up the morning's Coke Zero. So I didn't exactly feel like eating lunch.

Last night I sat at the kitchen bench to prepare a curry for mum and I, but most nights I've still been sticking with my safe options. I just can't face a proper family-type dinner every night. It's all too much. Tonight I'm making another big batch of my beef & veggie stew so I have a safe, easy and balanced dinner option. 

And again, I've spent too many hours (too many days) writing and re-writing this, frustrated that I can't keep my thoughts straight or express myself properly. Mum's pushing for me to see a psych to have my meds re-assessed, but more on that another time.



  1. When I was in highschool I played volleyball and during one game I went up for a spike but when I came down, I rolled my ankle. It went to the other side of the net and the girl opposite me stepped on the inside of my ankle. The tendon tore and took off some bone so I had to be on crutches for a good month. Omgosh it was awful. I would crawl up the back stairs at school because it was faster than crutching up them. Try putting towels on top of each one. It kind of cushions it. Your armpits still kill but not as bad.

    I'm sorry it's hard increasing your intake. I guess working with the elderly has made me realize that we have to keep moving forward and not let anything stop us from happiness. Keep going. I love you

  2. Oh dear! I hope your foot heals up soon. I can't imagine having to put soo much effort into such a simple motion as moving forward. And as clumsy as I am, I probably would have injuered myself worst by now.

    I'm sorry to hear your struggling with the increased intakes this week, maybe a confirmation from the dietician that you haven't gained (maybe even lost from the extra effort of crutches) will help keep you motivated to keep your intakes a bit higher.

    Stay positive hunn!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your foot Bella. I hope you get well soon! <3
    I know how hard it is to suddenly try to increase your intake while recovering from anorexia... When I started eating properly I felt sick and dizzy all the time - even if I ate just little...
    Don't stress too much about it. Small baby steps count! :)

  4. Health problems just like to follow you around, don't they?
    I'm wondering (and you don't have to answer if it's offensive) if this is because of your ED or if it's just something else altogether?
    800-900 is still higher than before. You can do it. Even if not this week, you're a step closer to 1000 minimum.

  5. Hey, sorry to hear about your foot Bella, I hope you're able to walk around normally soon. I've never had to use crutches but I can imagine it's difficult.
    Emily is right, you're still doing well so give yourself some credit for that and maybe you can step up to 1000+ next week :)
    Take care hun <3
    Alice xx

  6. I'm so sorry to hear that you are on crutches because of your foot Bella, burning extra calories is the last thing you need! I hope it doesn't make you too exhausted. You're doing so fantastic considering you're not too well, keep it up, keep up the good fight! I believe in you millions! Take care, lots of love xxx