Wednesday, 19 December 2012

And so it is Christmas...

So, I don't think more calories is happening this week. I'd much rather stay at 5-600 calories for another week, to make up for one day of eating unsafe foods at Christmas (not necessarily huge amounts of, mind you). I'm accepting that I'll probably gain at my weigh-in on the 27th, but hopefully only temporarily.

My family don't do much for Christmas, or any holidays really. Mum's always said "it's just another day", and it really is for us. She thinks it's a sad time, as my father isn't here (nor do we have extended family). But I want to make the most of it, you know? I don't want it to be such a sad day any more, silently grieving for our deceased family members and not spending time together. I want to make it a day to spend with the little family-of-three we do have left, before it becomes a family-of-two. So I will be cooking a roast and a few baked treats for my family, and I hope I'm able to partake.

I never eat huge portions, regardless of what it is. I'm thinking maybe half a roasted chicken breast with some vege & gravy for Christmas lunch, if that. The tiniest pieces of baked goods, only one of each. It's not so much the calories, as it is to being able to know exactly what's in my serve. So usually it's easier to avoid it altogether, but I think I'm going to try and eat the same food as my family this Tuesday.

Last year, I cooked the same roast that I am this year. After 8hrs+ in the kitchen, plus making baked treats in the days before, what did I eat? Keep in mind that I currently eat 600 calories on an average day, whereas both of these times I was sticking to my 'usual' fifty calories on an average day.
150 calories on the day. 66 calories of those for Christmas lunch. My lunch was 30g of plain chicken (not my amazing roast), 10.1g frozen mini roast potatoes, and 1 tsp instant gravy. I didn't get to eat any of the foods I'd cooked, but rather the weighed-and-safe alternatives.
The year before that, I fasted on herbal tea for the week.

So I'm going to spend Monday baking some of my family's favourite recipes, and cook an elaborate roast on Tuesday. I'm anxious as fuck about it already, but hopefully it'll go okay. I'm going to try to keep the 'eating' part to Tuesday, unless Monday brings otherwise. But I think I'm going to stick to under 600 every other day to try to minimize any weight damage, and hopefully get it back down the following week. After that, we'll start looking at going back to 800... maybe.

Good luck to all of you with whatever challenges the holidays may bring this year.
I can't relate to many of them, as we've never had big family Christmases, or ridiculous amounts of food 'because it's Christmas'. We don't have Halloween or Thanksgiving, we don't celebrate Easter, and like I said Christmas is quite a non-event. So I really don't know of the family or food-related anxiety that comes with holidays.
But I hope that you all make it through safely, however you're spending it.



  1. I do hope you'll have a wonderful time for christmas! It's not because there won't be many people that it's going to be dull, quite the contrary!
    The more people there is, the less you can really enjoy their being here.
    You're so sweet, baking things for your family. They are so lucky to have you!
    I hope Santa will bring you lots of presents ;)
    Have you set up a Xmas tree?


  2. Hope you have a peaceful Christmas dear Bella, however you spend it

    I will be in your neck of the woods so I will be thinking of you

    Stay well,

    Love you x