Thursday, 6 December 2012

"I''ve been thinking about changing the proportions of salad in my sandwiches." I announce, as if a life changing decision
"Really?" replies mum, lending the topic equal importance
Bless her for humouring my pathetic life.

This is the perfect example of my days, why I have nothing to post about. Mum listens with great patience, but I don't fool myself into thinking that anyone actually wants to know why my 28g of carrot and 25g of lettuce should be changed. Though these are the great problems of the world to me currently.

I'm trying to be half-way useful this week, and actually do things. Yesterday I actually made three proper meals for the first time in weeks, and even managed to stay out of bed for most of the day whilst slowly attacking my to-do list. This morning I kept myself busy for a few hours, dying my hair. I used to do it every month, but I've only bothered twice in the past year. Hell, it's lucky to get brushed most days.

December 2011
December 2012 (today)

It's not looking great. It's gradually become flatter and thinner over the past year. Mum & I had both noticed in the past few months that my hair is thinning out, but looking at the comparison pictures really drove it home today. It's barely grown in the past year (I haven't cut it), and it has no volume to it any more. The other big realisation, was when I needed only one pack of hair dye - not two like normal.

For now, I'm off to float away on my pillow after a long day. I just want to float.



  1. I know you won't believe me when I say that you are soooo cute and pretty and I don't mean that to sound all weird at all. And I really like your hair as it is now and your eyes are wonderful. Beautiful bella boo. Don't worry I accet you'll be shaking your head at the screen, but I believe those words I type.

    I hope the parcel comes soon for you. I'm slightly nervous you wont like it or will think im weird, but hopefully you'll like it. eeeip. and youre a sweetie for putting something together for me, but honestly no pressure okay, none whatsoever, don't beat yourself up if it takes longer than you think or if you struggle to motivate yourself. im not going to be offended. i love you for you, comments or no comment, parcel or no parcel.

    Loveeeeeeeeee you and hope the day is calm xxx
    (p.s did you up the salad or cut the salad?)

  2. You still look gorgeous !
    Thinking about you .
    Xoxo Jo <3

  3. You are pretty, and I love your hair btw:)
    I must say I worry about you, it doesn't really seem like you've much's sad to see. I am sending all my love over to Australia and to you:)

  4. Hey Bella, your hair is pretty and so long. My hair has thinned out over the past few years too, not sure why.
    I'm kind of the same, I've been trying to do things this week like clean the house and sort through stuff instead of just sitting around, but I haven't been cooking meals enough either!
    Take care dear <3
    Alice xx

    1. My hair too, I used to have thick and curly hair everyone envied, but now I just have a plain, flat, still curly though, hair... Sigh...

  5. Thank you for your comments, they always cheer me up :-) Thank you.
    p.s., I agree, lettuce is yummy and carrots are too, I think you can get away with a bit more without the bread crumbling apart :-P xxx