Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Return to Normality

I've been losing my mind this past week. Each day is worse than the last. I think I may have snapped to some extent. I'm done.

The silly season is officially over for me. I won't be doing the 'eat, drink & be merry' thing again for quite some time.
I had three hours sleep again last night. I really hope I can get a better sleep tonight - I'm going to take some doxylamine and hope it helps. I haven't slept properly all week. I'm still unable to relax, but more depressed than anxious today.

I'm back down to under 500 calories. Those numbers just keep cutting back, don't they?

And I'm not too sure how I feel about my weight right now. My chest and shoulders feel bonier, but my arms are definitely bigger. I'd been slowly going down for several weeks, but sometimes I feel it and sometimes I don't. I just can't tell, though the scales will over the next few weeks.

Since Tuesday was Christmas Day, I'm seeing my dietician tomorrow instead. However, she only works in the afternoon on Thursdays, so my weigh-in is at 1pm. I have no idea if I should eat/drink before being weighed tomorrow. Normally I don't, as I usually get weighed at 8am, and I can deal with waiting 3-4hrs for my first coffee one day a week. But the afternoon makes it a much longer haul.  
Whatever I do, I need to eat/drink the exact same things next week for another 1pm appointment due to New Years. I guess I'll figure it out in the morning.



  1. Hi Bella boo,you made it! It's over! Woop! I really hope your appointment goes well, let me know? Worried about little you! Hope you worked out what to do about coffee before weighin at the appt. I've had a fever for a few days now, it's driving me mad and making it really hard to restrict because my blood sugar is going mental from all the night sweats and high temps :( unimpressed. Love youuu xxxxxx

  2. Following back :) I read through your entire blog!!!! And i can tell you, i can relate to you so much...more with the depression side of things and your lifestyle than the eating..anyway, i hope you're ok now Christmas is over! I certainly feel better for it! Much love xxx