Thursday, 20 December 2012

Pushing limits

I've decided to throw caution to the wind this week. I'm not going to be super careful with my carbs, which I think I can afford with a higher calorie day next week. So I might come in with a few less calories too, but nothing too severe. I'm just tired of having to make sure I get my carbs in.
I'm also finding that I'm adjusting to lower calorie limits quickly, which isn't that surprising, but it isn't such a good thing either. I'm worried I'm going to have trouble trying to put my intake back up higher than 600 next week. If anything, it should be going much lower. I'm just tired of it all.

A little random food-related achievement for the past few days: I've located super-thin sliced wholemeal bread. It comes in around 22 grams a slice, for 51 calories (sometimes a gram or two either way). Bread just became so much safer.

Mum started buying Christmas groceries today. Panic sequence: initiate. But as long as I stick to my rules I'll be fine, even if it results in minor weight gain.
I've got a time plan drafted up, so fingers crossed I can keep my baking to one day only. I'm going to post a list in a few days of what I'm cooking Monday-Tuesday. I may even be drinking a glass of wine or two... I haven't had a drink in 8 months!

Wish me luck, ladies. In all regards.

Fun fact: I have horribly uneven collarbones

I conveniently cropped out my psycho-bitch
scratched-up forehead


  1. Hi Bella .
    I was just wondering; how do you avoid binges? There's must have been some foods earlier that you've had trouble saying no to ? How did you do that? How did you stay strong and stayed with the 50 cals a day back then? My biggest problem is binges, as a lot of other girls' are too..

    Love your collarbones, even though they are a tiny bit uneven. They look amazing!

  2. My collarbones are different levels too :-) But at least if you can tell it means they are visible enough tehee! I hope you are okay and I love you sooo much. You are such a skinny minnie little bella boo, I know you want to be less still tho but you are minnie :-) Hope you manage to enjoy time with ur mum and baking and manage to control ur hypo. when do you see the dietician next? xxx

  3. I'm jealous! You have the chest thing! The I don't know, sternum bone stuff lol. Maybe your back is out. That contributes to the unevenness.

  4. good luck sweetie. and don't worry about a little minor weighgain you will look beautiful either way <3 xx