Saturday, 15 September 2012

Low fat scones, muffins and vegan latkes!

 I know I don't post many pictures of my cooking here anymore, and on Facebook they all end up in my mobile uploads album instead of the one linked here because I am le lazy (if anyone wants to add me on Facebook, holla at me), so I thought I'd post a few here.

Wholemeal scones

First up are wholemeal scones, that I made last Monday. They're made with wholemeal flour, skim milk, and a tiny bit of Weight Watcher's canola spread. So there's no sugar added, and they're low fat. I split the batch and added some chives to half. About 130 cal each.

Chocolate muffins

Yesterday, I made chocolate muffins! And, ohmygod, you would not believe! These are low sugar and low fat. Skim milk, low-fat spread and Stevia/Splenda are the obvious ones, but my big trick is using vegan egg replacer. It's powdered, comes in a box, I'll never run out of eggs, and it's only 9 calories for an 'egg'! Boom, baby! It's also 2.2g carb per 'egg' and no protein, which is ideal for me at the moment. I use Orgran's No Egg (seriously - I just love Orgran. Boo at Safeway for not stocking their animal crackers any more). It cuts so much extra fat and calories out of the end result, but doesn't sacrifice the texture as much as egg whites or applesauce. Even with cutting the fats from the milk and spread as well, my mum said she wouldn't have guessed they're low fat. I even went as far as using 'sugar free drinking chocolate' in them to cut more calories and sugar. And guess what? These babies were 87 calories each, and 14.9g of carb which is perfect for mum. Folks, I think I've got a winner here!!! They were a decent sized, too, regular muffin pans! So there's my new 'safe' cake. I'm gonna make a bigger batch, and potentially bigger muffins, in the next few days.
Carrot & Potato latkes
Carrot & Potato latkes

Last but not least, I made potato and carrot vegan latkes! These are truly amazing. I've never had them before two nights ago. Mum makes them sometimes, usually when my brother and I would get take out when we were younger, because we never really showed much interest. In later years, they've intrigued me, but I'll automatically balk and run as soon as I see so much potato and whole eggs and copious amounts of real butter to cook them in. But then it hit me, that it would be a good low-protein dinner as mum's never had anything with them - just potato latkes. So I played around and came up with my own version. It's a mix of carrot, potato and onion with the vegan egg replacer, cooked in WW canola. It was actually really good! So good, in fact, I had them last night again. I mean, yes they're cooked in 'oil', but when your whole dinner is whatever vegetables with a 9-calorie 'egg', what's 40 calories of low-fat spread! Even with the butter, dinner was about 200-210 calories. Boom-shaka-laka! That's for all four latkes. Mum was surprised how 'healthy' I could make it, haha. That was my first time cooking with any sort of fats, so I'm quite proud.


  1. I'm loving your food photos Bella, it all looks mighty tasty!
    Your family are lucky to have you cooking such yummy treats for them.
    I don't cook too much but today I made the weight watchers 0 point soup, it's yummy and filling and it's all guilt free.

    Love ya dear Bella x

  2. you should produce a low kcal recipe book when you are feeling more up to it, people would buy it. you're fab.

    id love you on facebook, hoow can i find you? xx

  3. Thanks :) I might just have to start posting more recipes here haha

    I'm at


  4. Recipes, please?? Especially the chocolate muffins those sound so bomb!

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