Saturday, 13 October 2012

Yoghurt for breakfast this morning, alongside my Ensure. It's progress. I tried to have some pasta with my family last night, but gave up after about 1/2 cup. It was just too much too soon after 6 days on liquids. Usually I jump straight back into 'normal' foods and have no problems doing so, but it just isn't going to work this time around. I also tried a dry cracker and about 1/4 of a fat-free pudding cup, but it was still just too much. Too dry, too rich, too thick, too heavy, too strong, toomuchtoomuchtoomuch. It was so hard to do, but it was worth it to see Mum smile.

So here I am, working yoghurt back in. The plan for today is a yoghurt and a 155ml Ensure for each breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a 230ml Ensure for morning tea and afternoon tea. I had my breakfast just before. It was half an hour to get through my 175g yoghurt. I'm going to bring in stewed fruit with custard, and maybe try the pudding cups again, in the next few days, and go from there. Slow and steady wins the race.

I've had the horrible bright pink shawl around my shoulders for weeks now. I shuffle around in my dressing gown and shawl and slippers, feeling like a little old lady. Mum and I were laughing about it yesterday, and I went and got my grandfather's walking stick, put my mum's reading glasses on the tip of my nose, hunched over, and hobbled around cackling "Boiled sweet, dear?" in the best old lady voice. It was good to laugh with my family. It's been very sombre the past week.''

A week and a half until I see my dietician (Tue 23rd), and I'm hoping I'll have a bit more of a solid intake going by then. I'm aiming to start on yoghurts for a day or two, then stewed fruit & custard (I'd only recently discovered a love for pureed apples with custard - peaches, too), then probably soft foods like oatmeal and such, then bring back more grains and protein and fresh produce. Hopefully I'll be close to my normal diet again by then. For now, one day at a time, one step at a time.



  1. just found your blog and love reading it, I'm from Aus too btw, how do you find the taste of ensure? I really cant stand it, I was made to drink it in hospital though :(

  2. Hi :) It's nice to know there's people here in Aus reading - most bloggers are overseas!

    I actually don't mind Ensure. I think these taste slightly different to the pre-made ones ( I buy the tins of vanilla Ensure powder at the chemist and make it up myself with water), less creamy but more sweet I guess. I usually add a spoonful of coffee granules (dissolved in hot water) to vanilla Ensure and it's really quite nice. Adding ice also helps - the colder the better. At the moment it's the only thing keeping me out of hospital, so it's not that bad. The only other option really is Sustagen Hospital Formula and that stuff is GROSS and completely undrinkable.

    Thanks for commenting :) xx

  3. oh, that sounds a lot better, the only ever ensure I had was at the hospital it was like in a can and it was thick and horrible

  4. btw I hope you dont mind me asking, (same person here). What state r u from ?

    1. I'm from Victoria, in Geelong about 100km out of Melbourne :) The canned Ensure is usually Ensure Plus which is stronger. Normal ensure is 1 calorie/ml, and ensure plus is the same thing but 1.5cal/ml so yeah, thicker and richer.

  5. I'm from Vic too :) Yeah I think the one I had was ensure plus, I was made to have two of those for dinner once in hospital. (355 cal each)