Sunday, 8 July 2012

Anxious Sunday (& intake)

Pulled in another big burn today, with an okay intake. Ran for a full hour this morning, again. And spent most of the day feeling nauseous from anxiety... again. So I didn't really get a relaxing Sunday (I never do). I have massive anxiety about everything, and I just shut down :-/ Or throw up. Last time I hung out with someone I liked, I sorta threw up uncontrollably... How embarrassing =_= Random fact there...

Kept control semi-well today. I was craving cookies like a mofo this afternoon, but I know I lose control too easily. So I broke up a couple of vegan cookies and had them with sugar-free ice cream and caramel topping. It did the job, and I would've eaten a lot more calories if I'd just had cookies. Huzzah! Again I had problems with dinner. My brother is starting back at Uni tomorrow after his 'break' (note: his break has entailed taking on a lot of SES duties - he was on jobs all last night, running training today, more stuff tonight, and wanting to do more jobs in the morning before Uni. Madness!), so I made chicken parmigiana (one of his favorites). Also gave my mum the night off cooking, which is nice. I like to try and do nice things for my family. I put them through so much shit. Seriously. Anyway, cheese & tomato is my ultimate weakness. But I had my potato & salad like a good girl, with a small side of weighed-and-measured nachos. Craving busted. Still ate too much. I always eat too much. I hope I gain weight on 950 so I can lower my intake. This is hard :-/

Mostly uneventful day, as usual. I should really get out of the house more...

On second thoughts, maybe not.


Breakfast: Vegemite 4 Seed toast, Cinnamon oats, Coffee (156)
Lunch: Vegemite 4 Seed toast, Cinnamon oats, Coffee (157)
Afternoon tea: Rice cake, WW brownie (half), Yoghurt, Coffee (99)
Dinner: Baked potato with salsa & cheese, Side salad (iceberg & salsa), Nachos with salsa & cheese, Coke Zero (204)
Supper: Sugar-free ice cream with Milo x2, Coffee (136)
Snacks: Coffee x5 (12), SF ice cream with cookies & caramel (76)

Total intake: 840 calories
Burnt running: 853 calories
Burnt housekeeping: 267 calories
Total burn: 1,120 calories

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