Thursday, 5 July 2012

God, I hate my GP

She is just... Intolerable. She's damn lucky to have escaped a brick to the face today (I left my brick at home). She kept asking me about my interests, and if I leave the house much and shit like that. No, I don't, and it's none of your business. I cannot stand that woman. She told my mum on the phone after the last horrible appointment, my dietician, my psych, and their goddamn mothers that she was going to do my blood pressure. She asked, at the very end of the appointment, if she could do my blood pressure. Okay, this isn't so bad. Until she used a huge fucking cuff that wrapped around my arm six times. It read 89/60, which is worryingly low for me. That's okay, though, because she admitted it was wrong because of the cuff size... But she made a fucking note on my file of it anyway, without even bothering to get it right. I told her I normally read about 130/80, and she just gave me this funny look and said that it'd be a bit high for me. Oh well.

I took it again when I got home. In ten minutes, my blood pressure had magically risen in ten minutes from 89/60 to 135/80. SO DANGEROUSLY HIGH! Not. It's the same brand machine as my GP's, except my mum bothered to buy me a pediatric cuff that actually fits my arm. Pretty sure my blood pressure is un-notably normal.

Jesus Christ. I hate GPs more every time I see them.

Rant over.



  1. Your GPs sound terrible. They definitely need to go back to medical school, haha.
    Hope you're okay darling.

  2. oh dear your gp most definitely needs a slap.. you have every right to request someone else.. hope your ok hun! much love xxx