Friday, 13 July 2012

A Fine Line / The Phone Call

I was thinking the other day after I saw this pic (from eatingdisordermemes.tumblr). So many girls feel challenged to lose weight to get to the 17.5 diagnostic BMI so they can get help. I'm on the other end of the spectrum - I can't get psychiatric help I gain enough to reach a BMI of 16 (I'm around 13-13.5 at the moment).

At my height, that's a 5 kilo range between "you're too fat to be anorexic" and "you're too thin to get help - go drink a gallon of Ensure, then we'll talk". I mean, if I'd just been diagnosed (with a 17.5 BMI), and had to wait a month to get in to see a psych, I'd easily have lost 5kg in that month, and be forced into weight gain. Just some food for thought...

Every day, I hate the mental health system more and more.

By the way... I got the long-awaited phone call on Tuesday. But it wasn't from Eva, my psych at the EDS. Nope. My GP didn't put in a referral to my psych at all. My mum got a call from Mental Health Triage. They had received a referral for me, and they would refer me on to the 'most appropriate service'. Fucking seriously? Maybe the Eating Disorder Service, with my psych? Nope. Seriously, my GP is getting a screaming at in August. Mum & I both know how pointless it is to try to explain ED-related stuff to these people, so it was mostly just "Thanks, but no thanks - we were told Eva would call.". Mum's going to call back at some point just to 'fill them in'.. But yeah... So much for getting help.

Sorry I haven't been online much lately. I've either been flat-chat busy, or too depressed to get off the couch. My love to you all, as always <3


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  1. It drives me batshit crazy how you have to be within a certain weight range in order to get help.
    I was just as sick at 77lbs as I was at 130lbs.
    It's a mental illness for Gods sake!!

    Hope you're ok Bella,
    Take care of you x