Thursday, 5 July 2012

Coffee (& intake)

I love coffee. Seriously. I drank 16 cups/128oz of coffee today. Buzzzzz! Well, not really. My family are immune to caffeine - Mum & I especially. It's not uncommon for us to drink 3-5 cups of coffee after dinner, and still be asleep within hours. I used to take a 500ml (16oz) Thermos cup of coffee to bed, drink it, have the last sip, hand the cup to J, roll over and fall asleep straight away. Mum drinks even more coffee than I do, by the way, and always has a cuppa with her whether it's hot or gone cold (I don't have her taste for cold, or even warm, coffee - I take mine scalding). I also get 700-800mg a day in my diet pills, plus whatever I get in tea & Diet Coke. Yes, I consume exorbitant amounts of caffeine.

Coffee is actually a fear food for me - unmeasured coffee, anyway. I weighed my coffee for quite a while, and then found an average weight, but still use measuring spoons. The thought of dumping a heaped spoon of granules into a mug scares the shit out of me, even to have black. Massive fucking fear.

Do you girls drink coffee? A lot of it? How do you take it? Obviously, I drink copious amounts of black, Stevia-sweetened coffee, really damn hot. I like lattes on occasion, too, but milky drinks/liquid calories are a major fear food. I'd rather have a measured skim latte sachet than an unmeasured black coffee, though.


Breakfast: Vegemite toast, Cinnamon oats, Coffee (156)
Lunch: Homemade soup, Wholemeal muffin with FF cheese, egg white & bacon, Coffee, Frozen strawberry yoghurt, Coffee (163)
Snack: Nutella, Ice cream with Milo (130)
Afternoon tea: Rice cakes, Weight Watchers brownie, Coffee (135)
Dinner: Baked potato with Caesar dressing, cheese & bacon, Side salad (cos & Caesar), Coke Zero, SF ice cream with Milo, Coffee (161)
Snack: SF ice cream with Milo, Coffee (61)

Coffee: (apart from that drunk with meals & snacks) Three large (12), Five small (10)

Total intake: 826 calories
Burnt running: 426 calories
Burnt housekeeping: 231 calories
Total burn: 657 calories


  1. I don't drink coffee but I drink a lot of tea
    There's something comforting about having a steaming hot cup of tea
    I'm trying to cut down as I constantly have to pee and it gets annoying

    Hope you're well x

  2. hahahah i love how you can tell that youre completely wired on caffeine by the way your writing. I envision someone bouncing up and down talking really fast. i dont drink coffee because i dont like the taste. but i take a thermogenic pill or two before i workout because they make you sweat a lot! =6 cups of coffee per pill!

  3. I love coffee. Black coffee without sugar, I drink it whenever I can. I never measure out the spoonfuls, but I always do 10 starjumps while the kettle boils, because those 5 calories burnt will always be more than what's in my coffee, haha.
    Caffeine doesn't affect me that much either. I realised literally midsentence then that I'm currently downing a bottle of diet energy drink without even noticing. I bet I'll fall asleep in seconds.

  4. Haha, the star jumps is a good idea!
    I fell asleep within half an hour of drinking my last 750ml/24oz cup of coffee last night!


  5. lol you guys! I used to be addicted to black coffee.. but now all the caffeine I get is from extortionate amounts of diet coke.. lol I have had to cut down over the years because my liver and kidneys were threatening to pack up and the doctors told me that I had to quit caffeine and alcohol if I wanted to keep my kidneys :\ i have a lot of kidney problems, and caffeine aggravates bladder & kidney problems.. i would say make sure you drink lots of water too :) i have had to and I am totally addicted to caffeine :( x