Monday, 2 July 2012

Monday Restriction (& intake July 2)

Back on track eating less today. I've only had two days over 800 this week - both in miserable attempts to get my average intake above 900 (I should be on 1,000). I got to an 836 average this week. Close enough... Anxious about weigh-in tomorrow, obviously. If I've gained, I don't know what I'll do. If I've lost, I don't know what I'll do. I'm barely comfortable with 700-800, and I don't want to put it up. I want to starve some days, I want to eat some days. One day at a time.

Made a nice dinner for my Mum tonight. Baked potato w/ margarine & parsley and oven-baked fish fillets on a bed of salad. She really enjoyed it, so bonus :) I also made her low-carb bread pies for lunch (one lamb, one beef curry). Her sugar levels are really good tonight (she's diabetic), so I'm happy :)

Also downed 4.5L of water today (normally I drink 3-4L). Score.

Snack: Coffee (4)
Snack: Coffee (4)
Breakfast: Vegemite 4 Seed toast, Oats with cinnamon & stevia, Coffee (110)
Snack: coffee (2)
Lunch: Homemade soup, Yoghurt, Coffee (111)
Snack: Coffee (2)
Snack: Rice cake, Diced apple, Oolong tea (48)
Dinner: Baked potato with LF Caesar dressing, bacon & cheese, Side salad (cos & Caeaar dressing), Coke Zero, Frozen strawberry yoghurt, Coffee (147)
Snack: Hot chocolate (34)

Total intake: 462 calories
Burnt running: 639 calories
Burnt housekeeping: 196 calories
Total burn: 835 calories

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