Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Intake July 4th

Pulled a sickie from life today. I spent most of the day on the couch with my stomach walking a fine line between hunger and nausea. Seeing the GP tomorrow for blood tests and such, and I hope I'm feeling better. The psych hasn't called yet, which is good. I really want to avoid talking to my GP about 'so how did it go when she called?'.

I think I'm addicted to Nutella. Seriously. I'm two weeks chocolate-free today though, so it's worth it. I'm eating a bazillion calories less with Nutella instead of blocks of Cadbury. Girls, if you don't eat nut butters, don't start! They're seriously amazing and hard to not just dig in to the jar with a giant spoon (I'm being good and measuring it). Don't start :|

Happy Fourth of July to all my U.S.A friends ^_^


Snack: coffee (4)
Breakfast: Vegemite 4 Seed toast, Oats with stevia & cinnamon, Coffee (156)
Snack: coffee (2)
Snack: coffee (2)
Lunch: Homemade soup (still lamb broth, no meat, lentils, barley, split peas, carrot, onion & potato. I've been making it once or twice a week for months now!), Diced apple, Oolong tea, Coffee, Yoghurt (136)
Snack: Nutella, coffee (148)
Snack: Rice cakes, coffee (50)
Snack: Coffee (2)
Dinner: Baked potato with dressing, cheese & bacon, Side salad (cos & Caesar), Coke Zero, SF ice cream with Milo, Coffee (178)
Snack: Nutella, Coffee (75)

Total intake: 753 calories
Burnt housekeeping: 181 calories

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  1. Aww glad you had a sick day.. hope you're feeling better now..
    nutella and cadburys chocolate are my true loves <3 lol x