Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Safeway's Next Top Model/Dietician/Sickie

Saw the dietician first thing this morning. My weight's gone down again. She wants me to average 950-1,000 a day. Urgh. We'll see how that goes. Had a panic attack at the end of the appointment, which is always lovely and embarrassing. Seeing her again next week. Pretty sure I wanna keep my weight going down, though, so we differ there. Fuckhead GP on Thursday, and still waiting on my psych to get in touch.

After that, I went to Safeway with Mum, as we do every day. A woman came up to me in the produce section, squealed, and said "Oh my God, have you ever thought of going on Australia's Next Top Model?!" and proceeded to string off compliments. I kinda awkwardly laughed and said "Uh, no... But thank you?". The last person who asked me if I've ever thought of modeling was a nurse in hospital. It was on a medical ward, but the nurse had previously worked in an ED clinic for years. Appropriateness, plus. So yeah, that made me feel kinda okay. Mum said I looked cute, like a doll, this morning. Safeway and my doctor's clinic are seriously lucky - I get all dressed up every day just to go there.

In other news, I am le sick. Mum thinks I've picked up a gastro. Not much of my food stayed down tonight. So yeah. That's why I'm up so late (10:15pm... Way past my bedtime ;)). I'm chucking a sickie (for some reason I think this is an Australian term?) from Life tomorrow, so no running, no cooking, no grocery shopping, no housework, zip. Gonna spend all day on the couch. I've been feeling sick for the past week, but it climaxed today. Intending to catch up on commenting tomorrow - I've been reading everyone's blogs, but not had the time/brain power to comment lately.

Love to you all <3


  1. Poor You! hope you feel better, we in the UK call it "pulling a sickie" kinda similar hey? lol
    I actually was thinking that.. You have the height and body for a model, but they would probably want you to maintain a certain weight.. wouldnt they? I hope youre ok everyone deserves a day off once in a while. Lots of love xx

    1. Close enough ^_^
      I have no idea about normal modeling agencies and stuff, but I know that the big fashion weeks normally have an 18.5 BMI cut-off. I was barely that heavy before I started losing weight, lol! I think I'm a little too open about my ED for anyone to ever want me to model, but meh :)
      I haven't had a day off in a long time... There's just so much to do around the house! So I'll see how I go tomorrow :)


  2. I'm sorry you're feeling sick,
    Hope you feel better soon,
    Wow, what a compliment that you should be a model!

    Much love x