Saturday, 7 July 2012

Busy day (& intake)

I ended up going to visit my Great Aunt & Uncle this afternoon, which was lovely. My Aunt is 80, but you'd never guess it! I spent all morning in the kitchen baking Wholemeal scones, sugar-free meringues, and cake balls for afternoon tea. I also drank unmeasured black coffee! Whoa! Thank god she uses the same sweetener I do, though :) I haven't seen them since January, so it was nice. When we got there, I had a mini panic attack because they'd had unexpected visitors drop in. So mum & I drove around for a little because I just couldn't deal with it, but my Aunt totally gets it, so it wasn't too bad.

Froze my sweet patootie off this morning. It got down to -0.2 degrees Celcius! But then I ran for a whole hour, promptly warmed up, and didn't really sit down until after dinner. Busy, busy! I might have something else to eat later, because I'm really falling behind on intake and don't wanna have to eat a tonne tomorrow before I see the dietician on Tuesday. But at the moment I just wanna go to sleep.


Breakfast: Vegemite 4 Seed toast, Cinnamon oats, Coffee (156)
Lunch: Wholemeal English muffin (half) with cheese, egg white & bacon, Coffee, Yoghurt (161)
Afternoon Tea: Wholemeal scone, Sugar-free meringues, Cake ball, Coffee (213)
Dinner: Homemade soup, SF ice cream w/ Milo, Coffee (150)
Snacks: Coffee x4 (10)

Total intake: 690 calories
Burnt running: 853 calories
Burnt housekeeping: 331 calories
Total burn: 1,184 calories

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