Sunday, 1 July 2012


It's Sunday, so I had a quiet day (more so than normal!). I made breakfast for mum (Open multigrain English muffins, topped with cheese, bacon & poached eggs with a cappuccino!), and something a little smaller for me. I'm in love with my low-cal egg/bacon/cheese muffins. Seriously. Also had my oats, a few FF mini pikelets (homemade, hiding in my freezer) & a frozen strawberry yoghurt. It was a big brekkie compared to what I've been eating, but I'd like to have 300 cal brekkies (it's my favorite meal of the day).

After breakfast, I made a big stack of homemade pancakes for my Brother and put them in the oven to keep warm until he gets up. He is le busy man these days. He's studying a double major full time at university, he's an officer in the State Emergency Service (and we have a million flood warnings at the moment) which takes up a hell of a lot of time between official stuff, running training nights, going to call-outs and all that, he's got a part-time job starting in a month, he's taking short courses, and he also has a girlfriend, and I know I'm forgetting the million other things he does. How the hell can one person do so much?! He's pretty amazing. So, yeah, I like to make him pancakes and fried rice and stuff for him to eat on the run :)

I made some amazing things in the kitchen today. Nutella-stuffed French toast for my mum, and some beautiful scones for afternoon tea. I ate 1,300 cal & burnt around 300. I'm so full - I've been constantly planning/cooking/eating. So exhausted. And I'm not even where I need to be for the week. Yuck. Won't be averaging 900 this week - that's for sure.


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  1. Ooooh all sounds lovely and your brother sounds like one busy man! How does he fit that all in? He must have a Bernards Watch or that thing that Hermione had in Harry Potter - or maybe he is just superman. lol
    Lots of love x