Friday, 6 July 2012

Fat-Free Cooking Tip: Sauce Flour

This stuff is amazing, guys. I bought it a few months back after hearing about it online. It's called Gravy Flour or Sauce Flour. Basically, it's finely milled wheat flour. But it's amazing. You boil up your stock, milk, whatever, and give a decent shake of this on top and stir it through. It thickens sauces & gravies without making a roux. You know what that means, right? It's fat-free. I've tried so many 'fat free white sauce' recipes, but they never work (they normally involve cornstarch). This stuff is fail-proof, though. I used it making a stew for my family & I tonight, and it's brilliant. I use it every time I need to make sauces now.

If you guys need to make gravies or sauces, and want to cut out the butter, buy this. You will not be disappointed!

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