Sunday, 1 July 2012

Get Drunk, Not Fat! (low-cal alcohols - website link)

I see a lot of girls asking about low-calorie alcohols, and I wondered how many of you know of this site? It gives a calories-to-alcohol ratio and everything. So yeah, it's pretty cool :) Just a handy bookmark for you girls next time you have a night out. I rarely drink, though. My ex had a habit of saying stupid weight/food-related things, and I'd go completely psycho. Calling your drunk, Anorexic girlfriend fat doesn't go down wellI. I've been eying a bottle of Shiraz that's been on my shelf for a few months now, but I have no one to drink with (in case I, you know, go completely batshit like I did on my birthday). It will be a happy day when I find a new drinking buddy!


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  1. Thanks. Just last night I was maniacally searching websites to find out the calories in different wines, haha. That site will be so useful.