Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The dietician, weight loss, future direction

I really haven't been posting enough about my actual appointment with the dietician - just what happens with my weight. So, here it is. She's really nice, and she understands my anxiety issues (more than I expected her to). Our appointments are generally fairly quick and routine. She weighs me as soon as possible (today before I even sat down!) and we make small talk about what I'm wearing or my height or my piercings. Then when we get to her office she looks at my weight and tells me what happened. I tell her my average intake for the week (1,000), she congratulates me immensely, sometimes we talk about other things (like I told her about sandwiches today!), and we talk about my intake for the next week. She is actually quite fantastic. She's the best medical professional I've ever had, to be honest (though, as you guys know, that's not hard!)

She pointed out today that my weight hasn't really changed that much, and in fact has gone down a little. And this is since Mid-June. For nearly two months, I've held weekly averages about 800 (1,000 at the moment!), I haven't had more than a few hypoglycemic episodes, and I haven't gained any weight. This is pretty farkin' amazing. She doesn't push weight gain, or skyrocketing my intake up, but only as long as it's not an intake that's hurting me, ya know? Fair enough. As long as I stay stable, all good.

That said, I probably will 'diet' again before the year is out. I'm thinking 5-7kg, to bring me out around my low weight. I'll probably do this around October/November, since that's my social-season, but I'm not 100% sure when. I'd like to be around 40-42kg for the end of the year (I'm around 46-47kg now). So yeah. But for now, my body needs a bit of a break. It was giving up hard and fast. My dietician commented me today on how much healthier and happier I look (and then clarified that it wasn't a weight comment, obviously, since I'd gone down). A little while longer of this, and I might work a few fruit & soup days into my week, try to keep my metabolism & blood sugars good by eating what I am now on other days... Slow and steady wins the race (and avoids being whisked off to the Emergency department). Besides, I don't need to loose much more than that. My BMI is still in the 13s. I'm 95% happy with my weight loss so far.

Anywho, just some thoughts. I hope you're all doing well <3



  1. I'm so happy you've found a balance. I hope you can keep this up, your progress in just a few weeks is truly incredible.

  2. hey, great Blog!